Top 7 Reasons Why Morning Walks Are Important For You


Sound’s boring, isn’t it? Why go for a walk when you can have an extended sleep comfortably in your bed? Believe me, sooner or later, and you’ll come to an understanding that you cannot take your body for granted. If you are not active enough, one day your body will return your favor in a gruesome way.

You should be walking 10 miles a day if you want to remain healthy and active. But the best way to achieve that is going out for a walk in the morning.

Here are the top 7 reasons why morning walks are important for you-

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    • Weight Loss

      You can burn 500 calories simply by walking 5 miles a day.

      In the morning, the reward gets sweeter. Walking in the morning boosts your metabolism, which means your body can process food faster and more efficiently. In some time, your body weight will start reducing. When you start doing heavy exercise after an extended period of inactivity, your body may suffer some difficulties like pain and tiredness. That’s why walking is still the most useful training, as it starts to change your body slowly, but sustainably.

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      • Reducing Bad Cholesterol and Risk of Heart Disease

        Walking in the morning helps you decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke by 27%, according to The Stroke Association. It helps our body to keep bad cholesterol (LDL) level lower, increasing the ratio of good cholesterol (HDL). It helps the heart to pump freshly oxidized blood with more strength through blood vessels.

        Proper Sleep

        Do not confuse it with long sleep. You may sleep 10 hours straight, just to discover you’re feeling more tired in the morning. Walking in the morning elevates your activeness to a cellular level, giving your body a signal to start spending calories and circulating blood appropriately and absolutely. So when you are home after an exhausting day, your body will ensure you get a proper, deep, satisfying sleep.

        Elevates Your Mood and Positive Mindset

        Everyone likes to be active and cheerful the whole day. But the lack of good sleep, physical discomforts due to obesity and digestive problems, make a person depressed. Walking in the morning works better than an anti-depressant, releasing feel-good hormones like the endorphin.

        Sets Your Daily Routine

        What is better? Waking from sleep late, rushing to the office without even properly waking up and start your day unprepared? Or Taking a walk in the morning, being fully active and fresh before starting your day? Morning shows the day, if you can follow your walking routine every day, you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment. You will be able to plan your day and spend it much more efficiently.

        Lowers Sugar Level and Prevents Diabetes

        Walking 5 miles a day gives your body a great chance to spend calories, reducing sugar level in your blood. Especially, the morning walk burns your excess remaining calories from the previous night, giving you a clean slate for the day. Walking in the morning reduces the danger of type 2 diabetes by 60%, it also helps prevent dementia and other brain diseases which start to appear at the old age.

        Makes Your Spouse Fall in Love Once Again, With You

        Not feeling the spark like you felt before at the beginning of your marriage? Well, look at yourself. While you were too busy being obese and inactive, love left the scene. Take a walk with your spouse, spend a quality time. Your physique will start improving, so will your conjugal life.


        Isn’t it great to live an active, planned, stress-free life? So why not go for it from today? Better late than never. Remember a crucial lesson, your body is your best friend, and when best friends become the opponent, they can make you suffer more than anyone else. But, if you pay heed to your body, your body will reward you back in the sweetest ways you can only imagine.

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