Relationship of Life And Health


What is life? Have you ever wondered, sitting alone thinking about your existence in the world? If you ask from a scientist, he would refer it to the distinction between living things and non-livings. An accumulation of cells that work together and make your body carry out various essential functions and organic activities. But if you ask the same thing from an artist, he would have a different opinion about life. According to him, life is an existence of a person and an accumulation of his reactions, actions, expressions, and gestures towards the world outside. In either of the two scenarios, the factor for existence in the world is essential. This existence cannot be possible without good health. Having a healthy mind and body is necessary for leading a life for a longer period of time and for a better quality of life.

Taking good care of your body is essential for life:

The human life is dependent on the various cells, tissues, organs, and systems that make up the human body. These components work together in perfect harmony to create a sense of life in the body. Without proper functioning of each and every part of thepart body life is not possible. The discrepancy in the smallest of the organs can lead to sudden death or lifetime disability. It is therefore very important to understand the relationship between life and health. The human body is like a home for the soul. It is the carrier which contains all the components required for life. Without health, life will cease to existence in the body which is the ultimate place for survival. If your finger gets a small cut, you cannot work properly until the time it is healed. Same is the case with every other organ of the body. We must ensure safety and health of all these components to ensure the mere existence of life.

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    • Peace of mind, good health andgrowing energy are essential components of joyful and satisfied life:

      The experts of arts and science both believe that people of all age groups and segments of the society need to have good mental health. Having a happy and peaceful state of mind is essential for good living standards in the world. It would not be wrong if we say that quality of life of a person dependson the objects and useful things that he or she utilizes in daily life. However, material things alone cannot guarantee good quality life. Other important factors like the peace of mind, satisfaction, and happiness are also essential for good living. Health is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that provide mental peace and satisfaction. If a person is sick or has some medical problem, his happiness and bliss are negatively affected. So health is necessary for a happy and satisfied life.

      Good health is a great blessing:

      Health is a great blessing for human beings. Every day we look around and desire for things that we need to use in our daily lives. Some want luxury homes; some want big cars while others want loads of money to buy everything in the world. But all these material objects are useless if we are not healthy in mind and body. Even the smallest illness can take the excitement and joy of any of these things away from you in a jiff. You cannot count on material things to fulfill your physical needs and desires. We all pray for worldly possessions but having good health is necessary for enjoying and cherishing these possessions. So, health is definitely the greatest blessing of life.

      Health is hope and hope is life:

      The importance of health and hope has been described in an Arabian quote. Health in life is like a ray of hope. It motivates and urges a person to go ahead in life. It is like a stepping stone that makes you think positive about yourself and gives you the strength to do more in life. Without health, a person feels despair and depressed. The slightest of ahealth problem can make a man think low of himself and snatch away his confidence and belief in his abilities. So, with health, a person has hope to be successful and positive and with hope, life can be made blissful and satisfied.

      The greatest wealth is health:

      From all the above discussions and point of views, it can be concluded that health is the greatest wealth of life. Without good health everything else seems to lose meaning and importance. You can get millions of dollars and everything else required for making your life luxurious but without good health, it is all useless.

      This article has been written by Melissa Andrew. She is a phycologist and has written on a number of different topics related to mental health. You can get more from her on YourBestWriters