Relaxation Breathing Techniques to Help You Reduce Stress


Breathing is known as a continuous physical activity that controls both the mental and emotional reactions of the body. However, in today’s fast-paced life, nobody is given a spare time to relax thus a lot of people are experiencing anxiety, depression and stress.

As a matter of fact, a great number of people are not correctly using the full ability of their respiratory organs. For instance, when breathing, we only utilize a small part of our lungs, which causes inadequate supply of oxygen in the lungs.

This becomes more stressed by our dormant and strained way of living and causes various complications such as asthma, chest pain, headaches, wheezing and the like. By practicing relaxation breathing techniques, you can eliminate these complications and be able to live a healthful lifestyle. All you just need is to spare some time from your busy schedule to do these breathing exercises.

The Benefits of Less Stress

Although no one can totally avoid depression and stress, we can work against their bad effects by learning to extract the natural relaxation reaction of the body. The relaxation reaction brinks back the body into stability by making our breathing deeper, reducing stress hormones, slowing our blood pressure and heart rate and calming the muscles.

Together with this, breathing techniques improve the energy, focus, problem solving abilities, combats disease, relieves ache and pains and enhances overall efficiency of the body. Thus, by doing the techniques for breathing relaxation as well as meditation, you can get all these benefits.

Technique 1

We all know that breathing is very vital for relaxation and the key to achieve quick and total relaxation is through deep breathing.

To do this:

Lie on your back with your knees curved. Place you left hand on your abdomen while the right on your chest. Try to concentrate on your breathing. When breathing load your lower lungs with air in a manner that your left hand raises as you inhale. Ensure that your right hand stays still and breathe out through your mouth. Do this procedure for at least ten to twelve times.

Again, load your lower lungs with air and keep on inhaling in your upper chest. On this time, it is your right hand that goes up and your left hand will descend slightly. Slowly exhale through your mouth by creating a soft whooshing sound. You’ll notice that your chest and abdomen are ascending and descending in a regular motion.

When you breathe out, you will feel the elimination of stress from your body and you will feel relax. Continue inhaling and exhaling in this way for at least 5 to 7 minutes, around 4 to 5 times each day.

Technique 2

This technique is beneficial in relaxing your body particularly when your muscles are strained. It is helpful in curing stress associated medical problem and lessening muscle strain and overall muscle tension.

To do this:

Lie on your back and totally stretch your body. Concentrate on your breathing. When breathing, stiffen some muscles in order that they tightly get contracted for 5-10 second. Now, slowly breathe out and discharge the muscle. Calm down the muscle for a couple of second and you will feel an intense relaxation in your muscle. Do this procedure with the other muscle groups as well.

Although these relaxation breathing techniques are somewhat simple and useful, they necessitate commitment and constant practice on your part. These techniques are solution to anxiety, stress and tension.