Secret to Learning Hypnotism - Become a Successful Hypnotist


You may read all the hypnosis books there are out there, but ultimately wonder just what the secret to learning hypnotism actually is?

Sure, anyone can hypnotise themselves, but just how many people who delve into the field of hypnosis actually go on to become successful hypnotists who are able to hypnotise other people on a whim?

Of course, the answer is, not many. The reason being is because most people look at hypnosis as a way of improving their own life, as a way of conducting self-hypnosis in order to rid themselves of their worries. This form of hypnosis alone is, of course, all one would ever need, but some of us have a desire to hypnotise others, and some even wish to delve further into the field known as covert hypnosis.

Fundamental Secret to Become A Successful Hypnotist.

In this article, I’ll tell you the fundamental secret that you must grasp in order to become a successful hypnotist. Believe it or not, hypnosis can take a lifetime to master in its many forms. What some people may consider to just be a single category of a subject, actually involves a variety of different specialisations. You can study conversational hypnosis, self-hypnosis, underground hypnosis, mass hypnosis, even erotic hypnosis; the list really does go on for quite a while. Trying to master all these various forms of hypnosis can, of course, take quite a while.

Let give you a little made up story of someone who had gone a long way to become a famous hypnotist, and allow me to share you the struggles involved. We’ll refer to this person as ‘Jack’. Jack was a new adept to the field of hypnosis, he had heard a lot about it and wanted to do his best to impress everyone he knew with some stage hypnosis. So what Jack did is he studied each and every day, quite hard, in order to do his best to learn hypnotism. Eventually, Jack’s knowledge paid off and he had his first big show in front of a large audience.

After completing his pre-induction speech, he asked for a random member of the audience to come forth to the stage. A beautiful young lady volunteered and she came up to the stage. The hypnotist asked the lady to sit down in a chair, right before the entire audience. She of course obliged. The hypnotist then focused his attention to the lady in quite an adamant manner. He looked into her eyes, and as a result, she maintained her focus with his eyes. Jack proceeded to explain to the lady that she was feeling herself fall very sleepy and that when he clicked his fingers she would fall into a deep sleep. Jack continued to look into the lady’s eyes in order to ensure that she was paying absolute attention to his words and that a rapport was established between them. With her gaze as focused as ever, Jack the hypnotist clicked his fingers and the lady fell into a deep state of hypnotism.

After that, of course, Jack proceeded to do a number of tricks with the audience and with the lady. He gave the lady certain suggestions, such as that she’d believe that she was a chicken when she awoke and that she would forget her name. When Jack awoke the lady, and she acted upon Jack’s suggestions, the audience was amazed and applauded Jack quite readily.

So what led to Jack becoming such a successful stage hypnotist? Quite simply, it was through training and practice. Now that is the secret to learning hypnotism right there, and the secret which you think you know but you really don’t. I said the secret is training and practice. Are you still not getting it? Read over it again. The secret is training and practice.

That’s right, you’ve probably subconsciously skimmed over the second word and thought I just included it for fun. In actual fact, that second word, the word ‘practice’ is the most important word of all. You see, it doesn’t matter how many hypnosis books you read, how many hypnosis cd or audio tapes that you listen to, at the end of the day none of them will prepare you to be a covert hypnotist if you don’t actually apply any of what you learnt, and practice it! The only way you’ll learn proper covert hypnosis is to practice, practice and practice some more. Initially, I can almost guarantee you, it won’t work. You’re not going to suddenly go to the first person you meet on the street and seduce them into a slumber and have them think you’re some great hypnotic god. Things like that just don’t happen, at least not initially, so what you need to do is practice what you’ve learnt and eventually you’ll notice results.

Now the thing to understand when you’re wanting to practice covert hypnosis, sleight of mouth, or whatever you want to call it, is that you must adapt to your subject at hand. You must understand their unique personality and understand the way they think and behave. You can’t just memorise some random script and apply it to every single person. And by a script, I mean a set of words that you can just quote to a person. You need to rather have an idea of what you’re talking about and be able to adapt that to the person at hand that you’re speaking to. You need to shape your words and give suggestions in such a way that the person will be able to receive them and interpret them quite easily.

Make your suggestions too obvious, and the person will be able to call a spade a spade and see what it is you’re trying to do. Make it too discreet, and not even the person’s subconscious will be able to interpret what you’re saying. What you want to try and do is of course word your suggestions in such a way that that particular person can interpret, you need to word them in a way that their subconscious understands.

With enough time and effort, covert hypnosis will become second nature to you, at least in its basic form it will. Once you’ve mastered that you can then go on to other greater forms of hypnosis which will allow you to conduct things such as stage hypnosis (just like our friend Jack), conversational hypnosis, mass hypnosis, and a number of other forms.