The Secrets of Covert Hypnosis - Which Changed My Life.


And How After What Seemed To Be An Endless 3 Year Uphill Struggle, I Eventually Learned The Secrets of Covert Hypnosis... Which Changed My Life. 

If you're thinking about using hypnotization, mental tricks or any other mind games with people, I'm extremely relieved that you've found my blog because not only will my story shock you, it'll almost certainly save your health, your money as well as a lot of time and heart ache.

I will tell you exactly why I over years tried and gave up with personal help books, psychology studies, and a range of other material... and how I finally learned the secret path to social mastery with unique course called Underground Hynosis.

My name wasn't always Vincent Montecino, and I wasn't always good at hypnotisation. Nor getting what I wanted for that matter. In fact, as young adult I had a very unnerving, and you could call it turbulent, upbringing. I was insecure, often lonely, and quite unhappy.

Not that I had severe problems talking to people. But I couldn't find it in me to be the happy-go-lucky popular kid in school. I had always been the "don't-want-to-upset-others" type who just couldn't make himself heard. People just seemed to always get the best of me. I pursued college and things got a little better for a while, but I ended up taking an accounting job after graduation. Having to answer to my boss with "Yes mam" every day... Even in an argument, even if I was right, I just had to abide.

It was horrible. I was alive, but I wasn't living. Uninspired would be a good word here.

The Inevitable Started To Happen.

With a sense of stress slowly but surely growing within me I found myself looking farther and farther for something to be inspired by. I had always let myself be talked into the wrong things and now I had passed 25 and the dreadful 30 started to come into sight. I felt as if I didn't have control over my life. I felt that I wasn't where I wanted to be.

But what could I do? I had my boss to answer to, I had a loan to pay off and I was living in my flat which I had to pay for. I had saved some money continously for about a year and a half. However, as this dull unsatisfying feeling grew in me it became obvious that it wasn't going to work.

And that was the point when I realized I had to do something about it.

I Tried Self Help Books...

As with most things in the beginning, I was really excited to get started and I set my plans for a more successful life. For a while I was getting some results by changing the way I was looking at things. I wasn't taking things so personal anymore, I felt happier, but still, people and circumstances around me always seemed to interfere with my plans. No matter how much self-affirmations I did, no matter how much I kept focusing on the positive. I just never got any closer to my goals.

I felt that developing myself was the way to go, but the focus in these books was solely on me. To Set My Mind. Even if it sounds good in theory, there is little consideration for other people and how they act. They say things like "find people whom you would like to be like and surround yourself with those." But how exactly do you do that?

I was working on myself a lot until I realized that I had take it to another level.

Then I Started Reading Psychology.

In congruence with the personal help books I had read, I made an effort to better understand the people around me and what motivated them. I read books on how to read people. On social and Jungian psychology. It was fascinating and I began to see patterns in peoples behaviours I had never been aware of before.

It was really mind boggling material and it open up my awareness to a whole new spectrum. For a while I read more and more on psychology and I was sidetracked a few times. But somehow it still didn't help me out in a pragmatic, actual life-changing way. Sure, I was on my path, sure I understood a lot more about the people around me (and myslef for that matter). But even if I understood how people were acting and why. Even if I could see deeper underlying reasons for the things occuring around me than I had before. It still didn't help me out in terms making my path. To achieving my goals.

I needed something more pragmatic, something more hands on so people wouldn't end up in my way, but rather beside it. Helping me out.

Eventually, I found something that did just that.

Having spent so much time, effort and energy, desperately trying to achieve my goals and reaching success, I once had luck on my side. I was watching a video on youtube about Derren Brown who has the show Mind Control (if you haven't seen it I urge you to check it out). I thought to myself, that would be cool to know. I looked him up, but at the time, all he had written was a simple book. I needed something more hands on. Real. A course of some kind. I did some more research and after cutting through a lot of fuzz, I finally found underground hypnosis.

Because of my recent experiences, I was initially a little dubious. I must say, it gave me bad vibes as of the "dark" and shady assosiations I first got from this. I just felt like this was not my cup of tea and I quickly left the website and continued my search.

But a few moments later I thought to myself "let's check that out again."

After reading the content on their website I was absolutely sure it was what I was searching for. But I still couldn't make it past the "dark" ill-will intentions I got from this. I reasoned with myself for a while and understood one crucial thing. If my intentions were still intact. I could use things like this in order to achieve what I wanted. I decided to take a chance on this.

That turned out to be the best choice I have made. Ever.

 Here's why I recommend it.

The reason why I recommend Underground Hypnosis is because I learned the techniques taught in this course and I found them to be absolutely amazing.

Although it did take me a few months to really internalize the material (some of these techniques are not so easy to learn as they say on the website. But they are well worth the effort), it is irreplacable. It has not only taught me the specific techniques to use, but it also turned out to be the perfect compliment to the things I read before. I'm almost at the stage of being able to hypnotize anyone on the streets, at work (that is, if I would've stayed at my job), or wherever I want to!

In my opinion, this is superior to, and far more effective than any other way of getting what you want. Obviously everyone is different but it has worked extremely well for me. The genial part is you, after you set your mind on what it is you want, will be able to use these techniques to achieve that with ease. How about never having to wait in line again? Or hypnotizing yourself out of any situation?

I cannot begin to describe the difference this course has had on my life. The other material laid the groundwork, this created a new reality for me. Everything is so much fun now. I've quit my job since long and I am now an entrepreneur. I work for myself and I am enjoying every bit of it. I have gained access to things and people I would otherwise had only dreamed about. It could not be done without this information.

Anyway, I hope you've found this useful, whatever your situation because if I had known about Underground Hypnosis a few years earlier, I could have gained control over my life a lot faster, without wasting my time and money on other things. To your success!