Self Confidence Hypnosis Use Self Hypnosis to Improve Your Self Confidence


Self confidence hypnosis is the use of self hypnosis to improve self belief.

Using self hypnosis can greatly strengthen the effects of suggestion and visualisation to increase confidence.


If you’ve read other pages on this site about use of self hypnosis, then you won’t be surprised to know that the basics of the use of self hypnosis for self confidence are the same as for all other uses:

  1. Create your suggestions and visualisations
  2. Create (induce) your trance
  3. Deepen your trance
  4. Repeat your suggestions and visualisations
  5. Awaken from the trance

Self confidence hypnosis is the same – but you will need suggestions and visualisations that are specific for increasing your self belief.

Before I look at some possible hypnotic suggestions and visualisations, I need to quickly look at the objectives for using self confidence hypnosis.

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  • Objectives

    The objective in using self hypnosis for improving self confidence is to increase the belief you have in your ability to do or be something. Sounds simple doesn’t it!

    So, to break it down a little – there can be different objectives depending on the specific need. To some extent your objective will depend on the level of self confidence you already have – so that if you are already self confident you will be trying to maintain that level of confidence by focussing on your achievements. If you are lacking in confidence you will need to focus hard on the past successes you have had. If you wish to be confident for a specific event then you will need to focus on what you want to achieve at that event.


    As with all use of self hypnosis, suggestions are far more powerful if you create them yourself, because they will then have come from your unconscious mind, which has an intuitive understanding of its needs. However, I have decided to put just a few sample suggestions here to guide you:

    ‘I am a capable person – I can achieve what I set out to achieve.’

    ‘I possess the skills, knowledge, attitude and ability to succeed.’

    ‘I have many positive qualities and my success comes from my positive qualities.’

    ‘I allow myself to succeed.’

    Here’s a series of suggestions I put together for myself some years ago – I used it in my own personal self hypnosis as a sort of mantra:

    ‘I am highly trained – I am highly skilled;

    I am highly experienced – I am highly confident;

    I am highly motivated – I am highly successful.’

    My advice is always to try to devise your own suggestions – allow your unconscious mind to show you, then they will be more personal for your needs and is likely to be more successful.


    Along similar lines, when you create your visualisations then you should include positive elements of your life. See yourself at a time when you were successful to reinforce your belief in yourself (don’t be negative – everybody has had an occasion when they have succeeded in doing something they set out to do!) – allow yourself to feel positive as you visualise the event. You could also visualise yourself being successful at something in the future – something you want to achieve. Once again – feeling is important (not just seeing), so allow yourself the good positive feelings of achieving or being successful.

    As with all uses of self hypnosis, perseverance is the key, so be persistent. The more you practice, the easier it becomes, and the more successful you will be, and you will find that self confidence hypnosis is a very powerful tool for improving your belief in yourself.