Self Esteem Hypnosis - How to Use Self Hypnosis to Increase Self-Esteem


Self esteem hypnosis is a very effective way of improving the way you feel about yourself, now and in the long term.

Self hypnosis is a powerful tool for increasing self-esteem. Here’s how you can use self hypnosis to improve your self-esteem.


. If you’ve read other pages on this site about the use of self hypnosis, then you won’t be surprised to know that the basics of the use of self hypnosis for self-esteem are the same as for all other uses:

  1. Create your suggestions and visualisations
  2. Create (induce) your trance
  3. Deepen your trance
  4. Repeat your suggestions and visualisations
  5. Awaken from the trance

Self esteem hypnosis is the same – but you will need suggestions and visualisations that are specific for self-esteem.

Before I look at some possible hypnotic suggestions and visualisations, I need to quickly look at the objectives for using self esteem hypnosis.


In using self esteem hypnosis, your objective should simply be to help you feel positive about yourself. You need to feel that you are worthy, to understand that you are inherently good and that you deserve love, good things, and success.

Within that simple objective, you can have separate specific objectives to deal with specific issues. For example, if part of the reason that you feel bad about yourself is that you are constantly mulling over negative issues from the past, then you could set an objective to remember only the positive aspects of the past. Or you could set an objective to turn every life event into a positive one – to see the positive aspect of every event.


As with all use of self hypnosis, suggestions are far more powerful if you create them yourself because they will then have come from your unconscious mind, which has an intuitive understanding of its needs. However, I have decided to put just a few sample suggestions here to guide you:

‘I am relaxed and positive about my life.’

‘I am a unique and inherently good person.’

‘I have many positive qualities and I appreciate all that is good about myself.’

‘I allow myself to feel good about myself.’


Along similar lines, when you create your visualisations then you should include positive elements of your life. See yourself at a time when you were able to feel very positive about yourself (don’t be negative – everybody has had an occasion when they felt good and positive about themselves) – allow yourself to feel positive as you visualise the event. You could also visualise yourself being successful at something.

As with all uses of self-hypnosis, perseverance is the key, so be persistent. The more you practice, the easier it becomes, and the more successful you will be, and you will find that self esteem hypnosis is a very powerful tool for improving your self-esteem.