Using Self Hypnosis to Cure Anxiety Disorders


You may have heard about a number of people and products claiming that they can somehow cure anxiety. The truth is that such a condition cannot be cured, however, hypnosis and anxiety can go a long way together, a lot longer than you may initially think.

You see hypnosis can be used to treat a number of psychological ailments, and anxiety is no exception.

The way anxiety is treated through hypnosis is by guiding yourself into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state. When you’re within this deep state of hypnosis, you may start to make certain suggestions to yourself. These suggestions could consist of anything as simple as “you’re feeling yourself become nice and relaxed, as you become more relaxed you’ll focus on all aspects of your life and notice that you feel happy and confident” right through to more complex suggestions which will still have a great effect, such as “as you feel yourself entering deeply into this hypnotic state, you’ll notice that your arms and legs begin to feel tingly as they become shrouded in a state of complete and utter relaxation. As this relaxation continues you’ll visualise yourself in all aspects of your life, and see yourself displaying a confidence and calmness in all situations that you encounter”.

The idea is to plant the required suggestions into your subconscious that will allow it to absorb the words it’s receiving and make it as receptive as possible to any future suggestions that deal with calmness and easiness. The further and deeper you delve into the state of hypnosis, perhaps even reaching the somnambulism state, the more that your subconscious will open up and be receptive to the suggestions that you offer it.

The way you want to treat anxiety through hypnosis is by identifying the fundamental issues and causes of your anxiety. Have a think for a moment, just what exactly is it that triggers this anxious state? We all experience the anxiety of some form, just some of us to lesser and greater degrees than others. It becomes a problem when this anxiety gets out of hand with many things, or we can’t overcome it in a certain situation no matter how much we try, or how much experience have with that situation.

Just about everyone has a fear of public speaking. Imagine delivering a speech to a couple of hundred people, who are all focused on you, your every movement, your every word, and your tonality. Most people would find such a thing daunting, and be anxious over it, and that is entirely natural! The way you overcome this nervousness and anxiety, however, is by visualising yourself standing on the stage in front of the crowd, and giving your speech. Imagine that everyone there is as happy as you are about receiving the information you’re about to tell them and that they themselves don’t know what you’re going to say, and are therefore quite intent on hearing your speech.

You see, most anxiety revolves around people having a mentality that they think “everyone is watching me, and judging me”. The truth is, however, is that most people are just really wanting to hear what you have to say, they don’t really care too much about you personally, no offence!

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It’s by changing your outlook towards things, certain situations and perhaps even life in general, that you can start to achieve that balance in your output. You don’t want people perceiving you as being nervous or anxious, so why let them? Don’t give them a reason to, and odds are, they wouldn’t perceive you as being like that anyway. A lot of what we think about anxiety is made up in our head, and obviously, it’s a psychological condition so therefore it does have its root causes in our head. The thing with self-hypnosis is that it is a form of placebo. If you make your mind believe that you can overcome your anxiety, and genuinely believe it, then you may start to notice that the next time you conduct an action or attend a social event that would normally trigger an anxiety attack, may very well be enjoyable.

So the thing to understand is that everyone can be happy, everyone can have fun and let their hair down, and that people aren’t there to judge you. You need to take a more optimistic outlook on situations, and you’ll notice that this new mentality will repay itself with dividends. So the procedures that you need to follow basically involve entering into that state of hypnotic trance, giving yourself the positive self-hypnotic suggestions that will change the way your subconscious views and analyses things, and then finally use that positive mentality to tackle the situations you’d normally find anxious, and overcome them.

Surely it’s not that simple, though, right? I mean doctors and the medical community often prescribe inordinate amounts of treatment and medication to help treat anxiety, why would such a free solution be better than that you might well ask? The answer is that many people, believe it or not, don’t know about hypnosis. The medical community itself is still experimenting with many aspects of it, and it hasn’t been widely adopted abroad by the scientific community just yet, although it is in the process.

I don’t mean to say that you should bypass medical advice that is given to you, in fact quite the contrary is true. You should always seek the services of a doctor or a psychological or other professional healthcare worker if you plan on overcoming any psychological condition, including hypnosis. There is often more to a condition than you may think, more than meets the eye initially and that warrants further investigation by someone appropriately trained within the field of psychology. What hypnosis may do for you, however, is give you some options of helping to manage and treat certain negative aspects of your mind that you’d like to be treated.

So as you can see, hypnosis and anxiety do go hand in hand, however, you should always do a bit more background research of your condition, including receiving the advice of someone appropriately trained, in order to devise the best treatment plan that may be available for you. Don’t just sit there worrying about your condition, take steps immediately, take steps right now, that you can use to help overcome all these problems that you have to do with anxiety. It might not be as difficult as you think.

I hope you enjoyed this article that discussed the ways that self-hypnosis and anxiety can be combined together to help eliminate a number of negative psychological aspects. As always, we recommend taking action as opposed to thinking about things. Try some self-hypnosis from the comfort of your own home and use it as a way of helping to treat anxiety.