Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss - Get the Change You Want


Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss is one of the most frequently researched topics related to Hypnosis. People are often desperate when they try self-hypnosis to lose weight. They have tried everything else, nothing seems to work. Everything that they try to do or say adds more weight on.

Does this sound like you? Then you are not alone. Researchers have shown that losing weight is one of the hardest resolutions that people have. It is something that they will try, but if immediate results are not shown, then they stop. What people really need to do is Change the way they Think!

Many people have been on diets repeatedly. Always with the same results. They lose weight, look and feel good, then go back to their old eating habits. The weight always returns. Often they gain more weight back than the amount they lost. This is a very frustrating roller coaster that no one wants to be on. The key to this problem is “Change the way you think!” Use a good Script where you can find out more on this topic to achieve this goal.

Few Points about Your Weight Loss

Before you begin you should become clear on a few points about your weight loss. Look at the reason you want to lose weight, become clear on the exact reason, health, the way you feel, the way you look, whatever the reason.

No reason is trivial or not good, it is your reason, it is why you want to lose weight. Look at why it has not worked in the past. Look at your relationship with food. Then set a realistic goal for you to achieve.

In other words, do not tell yourself you are going to lose 80 pounds overnight, but 5 pounds this week. Five pounds in a week is very realistic. When you set a realistic goal, then it is something you can grasp. By setting a goal that is out of reach, then it becomes frustrating when you only lose 5 pounds when you need to lose 50.

Don’t confuse what I am saying about a realistic goal for the near term with an overall goal for the long term. If you need to lose a lot (over 20 pounds) of weight, then make that something that is in the back of your mind. You will eventually lose the weight in total, but this week I am losing five pounds.

Does Self Hypnosis really work when losing weight?

A resounding yes to that question. Hypnosis works wonders when used properly. We have often seen entertainment specials where someone has a hypnotic suggestion given them, to perform something outrageous when a certain “thing” happens. No one wants to have that happen to them.

That is only one example of how hypnosis works. If someone can make a suggestion to you, and have you perform something that you normally would not do, think about the possibilities of what can happen to you. Think of the things that you want to do. Anything is possible now. Have a specific goal in mind. Nothing too large, or too small. Something that you definitely would notice when it happens.

Would you notice if you lost 10 pounds in a week? That is something that is definite, measurable, and more importantly doable. The number is not so large that it can not be done, however, it is not so small that you would not notice.

There are dozens of self hypnosis scripts that will get you to the point of relaxation. When completely relaxed you can “talk” with your sub-conscious telling it what you want it to do. You are telling your mind what to think. Calm yourself do not think about anything else. Keep your mind clear, thinking only of the script that you are repeating to yourself.

Once you have made a decision to use self hypnosis to lose weight, finding the right script, setting, then everything else is up to you. Let the weight fall.