Self-Hypnosis Suggestions for Smoking; Weight Loss; Stress Management


When you are first learning how to do self-hypnosis it is not easy to create effective suggestions that will generate the desired change. It’s very easy to make simple mistakes and formulate suggestions that are either unhelpful or positively harmful! For tips on how to create effective hypnotic suggestions follow this link:

If you wish to get started in your self hypnosis work but are struggling to create suggestions with which you are happy, then I’ve created some suggestions for the following uses of self hypnosis:


These suggestions all follow the guidelines I set out on the ‘Suggestion and Visualisation’ page: short – simple – present tense – positive - believable. So if you are using self hypnosis to lose weight, or if you are using self-hypnosis to quit smoking, or if you are using self hypnosis for stress management, then scroll down or click on the above links and select from the self hypnosis suggestions I have created.

Suggestions for self-hypnosis to quit smoking:

  1. I am a non-smoker
  2. I break the smoking habit
  3. I am stronger than my smoking habit
  4. I reject cigarettes out of my life forever
  5. I reject tobacco in all its forms
  6. I reject the habit of smoking
  7. I enjoy life without smoking
  8. I care for my precious body
  9. I always refuse an offer of a cigarette
  10. I have the willpower to achieve my goals

Suggestions for self hypnosis to lose weight:

  1. I am in control of my eating habits
  2. I care for my precious body
  3. I make healthy choices in my life
  4. I eat healthily – the right amount of the right foods at the right times
  5. I feel good and positive about myself
  6. I eat only when I am hungry; I eat slowly: I take a time to enjoy each mouthful; I stop eating as soon as I feel full
  7. I am a unique and inherently good person with many positive qualities
  8. I have the willpower to achieve my goals

Self-hypnosis suggestions for stress management:

  1. I remain calm and relaxed at all times
  2. I can create deep relaxation within myself whenever I wish
  3. I have the ability to relax in any situation - to be calm in whatever situation I find myself
  4. I relax my mind by relaxing my body – as my body relaxes more, my mind relaxes more – as my mind relaxes more, my body relaxes more
  5. I control my thoughts and behaviour in stressful situations
  6. I am a calm and relaxed person
  7. I experience the tranquillity of mind.
  8. I release all tension and anxiety in my life.
  9. When I feel stress, I take ten deep breaths and then I feel calm and relaxed
  10. There is an underlying sense of peace and calmness that permeates everything I do and feel.
  11. I feel and remain calm whatever the provocation