Self Hypnosis to Stop Smoking and Tissue Test


With self hypnosis to stop smoking, you can live healthily and greatly reduce your risks for various diseases.

By now, everyone knows that smoking cigarettes carries no health benefits. In fact, cigarette smoke wreaks havoc on your bodily system.

Essentially, the body reacts as though it is being poisoned.

The toxins found in conventional cigarettes are much more than you would even begin to imagine. See for yourself with this simple experiment.

Tissue Test – The Truth about Cigarette Smoke

You will need a cigarette and 2 pieces of tissue paper for this experiment. On your first inhale; blow it into the 1st piece of tissue paper.

Take note of the discoloration (or lack thereof). Now, on the second inhale, do not bring the smoke into your lungs but rather leave it in your mouth.

Now, exhale that smoke into the 2nd piece of tissue paper. As predicted, the 2nd piece of tissue paper is rife with soot and ash.

Now, compare the two pieces of tissue paper and see how much of that soot and ash remains on your inner lung tissue when you inhale cigarette smoke.

The results are astonishing, to say the least. Going cold turkey, chewing nicotine gums, and applying the patch have probably all failed you if you’re reading this.

Self hypnosis to stop smoking is the most effective way for you to end the self-destructive habit of cigarette smoking.

You know cigarette smoking is bad for you yet, it feels impossible to kick the habit.

The cigarette companies want you to remain loyal fans so, they include habit forming chemicals within their products so that you, their client will remain so for years and years to come.

Those who have stopped smoking cigarettes via traditional methods will more than likely recant the same tale over and over.

How difficult it was to get over that 2-week hump and how many time they failed before they finally got to quitting cigarettes.

For all of you who have tried these traditional methods with lacklustre results, I say try self hypnosis to stop smoking. Self hypnosis to stop smoking is a safe and effective way for you to quit the cycle of self-destruction and get on the path to a longer, healthier and happier life.

The problem with cigarette smoke is that the damaging effect is cumulative – meaning that one cigarette isn’t going to kill you or give you cancer.

However, over time, the cells that are being damaged lose their ability to fight off the carcinogenic materials found in these sticks of temporary pleasure.

It’s time to give your lungs a rest from cigarettes and instead give them a breath of fresh air. Self-hypnosis to stop smoking works on the unconscious state of the mind thereby making positive imprints on your mind that will aid you tremendously in your quest to quick smoking cigarettes.

For those of you with children, you owe it to them to give self hypnosis to stop smoking a chance to change your life. Good luck to all on your quest for a healthier life.