The six sounds and the major organs


I know the title of this blog mentions NLP, Self and Conversational Hypnosis, however it mentions as well, Meditation. Let me start by stating here that the following information is geared towards a healing aspect and should not be disregarded as mere nonsense. The reason being is, the following information has been around thousands of years and is still in practice. There is the fact that matter, all matter, has a frequency and it is also a fact there is an energy within the human body that flows through us that governs our health and well being. We are part of the physical universe and are made of both liquid and solid matter, therefore we are vibrating at a given frequency.

The journey today is going to take us on a path not unlike that of a Martial Artist. I am speaking of the energy the Chinese call Qi, or Chi. The Japanese call it Ki, nevertheless, this energy is within the human body regardless of what other more prevalent schools of thought my believe. As a practitioner of the Martial Sciences I have witnessed this phenomenon all too many times for it not to be real. Realize that Acupuncture is real and does work. OK, enough of the disclaimer type of jargon. In previous postings I have been speaking of our minds and the level of control it has on our environment.We can control our inner environment in addition to our external environment as well.

There are five major organs within the human body and they are; the liver, heart, stomach, lungs, and finally the kidneys. All these and the functions they serve are vital to our health. The food we eat, the liquids we drink, the air we breath all affect these organs. We generally take our health for granted and focus on only the heart, lungs, liver and stomach for our health concerns. The most important, aside from the heart and lungs is the kidneys. Let us not forget however, that our health does affect our minds and thoughts.
I am going to start by reiterating that the body's energy has a frequency as do our internal organs. If we eat the wrong food or drink too much of any kind of liquid we change the basic vibration and in general de-tune our bodies. Think of it as listening to your favorite radio station, and, when there is adverse weather there is static and we do not get a clear signal. The same goes for the body i.e. heart burn, upset stomach, diarrhea, to name a few things we may suffer from a de-tuning as it were. This is where a proper diet is essential to our health. I am not, however, going to talk about what foods to eat because I am not qualified to do so.

What I am qualified to speak on is the following. There are sounds we can make that will help keep us in tune. These are a form of Yoga because in order to make these sounds we must breath in a certain manner in addition to holding a certain posture for each sound or rather breathing technique. These postures are held while standing so flexibility is not an issue. I stress this, because, when one thinks of Yoga it brings to mind bending the body in, some what, unnatural postures that start out as being very difficult and uncomfortable at the start. Therefore the postures I will describe may be performed by anyone at any stage of life.
As a side bar at this juncture I will point out that I will begin with only one technique in this post because of the lengthy description. Nevertheless, the up coming posts will give light to the other five techniques in the weeks ahead. Let us begin then with the first healing breath. For starters we must re-examine how we breath. I am going to say here that the way to breath is through the nose as you inhale and out through the mouth as you exhale. Now, as you inhale you want to push your breath down and not out. What I mean is as you inhale you will push your belly button out feeling the waist of your pants get tighter as you inhale. Noticing that your chest will not move.

This first breath is for tuning the liver, but before we make the sound take some practice breaths just to get the feeling. Of course the posture must be correct as well. The stance is with your feet shoulder width apart. Your knees are slightly bent as to promote proper circulation i.e. never stand with your knees locked as this will restrict blood flow causing you to faint. Your arms are relaxed at your sides with your back straight. For this imagine a thread attached at the base of your spine running up through the spine and out the top of your head. Now roll your hips forward, bending the knees helps facilitate this posture.
As you inhale close your eyes and relax feel your body balance on the balls of your feet. Your feet should be parallel to each other. As you inhale your eyes are closed and when you exhale open your eyes and look at the tip of your nose. As for the sound say the word "Shoe" in English, or rather "SHU", as you exhale. Do this six times. The aim here is the sound not the word. Practice this and start to feel the energy it generates and the more you do practice you will find your own energy level increase in addition to a feeling of calm. Until next week, as I will try to post on this basis, I wish you all that read this blog, a good day and happy reading.

The Six Sounds and the Major Organs Continued

Hello all, here it is the second installment on the "Six Breaths of Life" series. I know it has been a few weeks since I explained the breathing technique for tuning our Livers. Nevertheless, here is the next one and it is for tuning the Heart. However, before we get into this next breathing technique I need to back track a little bit. When performing these exercises there are additional steps one must take before one moves on from one breathing exercise to the next. That is massaging the Fingers associated with the organs we are tuning.

Remember, we are discussing the human body where in all parts are related to each other via our artery system that carries blood throughout our bodies. We may also enlist our knowledge of the Chinese Meridian System, that these breaths are largely based upon, into consideration. To begin with there are five major organs as previously pointed out in an earlier submission, and there are twelve channels through which the flow of our energies pass. This energy, to re-iterate is "Chi" from the Chinese aspect or "Ki" from the Japanese point of view. Nonetheless, the hand and the fingers correlate to these five organs. In the instance of the Kidney breath once the practitioner has completed the breathing cycle they are to massage the thumbs of both hands by gently kneading them from the base to the tip and then twisting, still gently, before moving on to the next breath in the sequence.

This now brings us to the second breath, and that would be that of the Heart, mentioned above. For this one we stand with our feet shoulder width apart, our spine straight and our head positioned above our hips. This posture will be the same for all except that of the Kidney. Imagine, if you will, a string attached to the base of your spine that runs up the center of your spine to exit the top of your head. This string will then be anchored to the ceiling where you are now hanging from it with the weight of your body pulling you down keeping your back straight and your hips rolled forward. All this with your knees slightly bent to help facilitate this posture.

You will know when your stance is correct when you feel your heels wanting to turn towards each other. However, you must keep your feet parallel to each other as well. Now, your arms are hanging at your sides relaxed with your palms touching your outer thighs. Your eyes are open and relaxed, to begin you bring your hands together in front of you, waist high, with your palms up bringing your finger tips together to touch. As you inhale through the nose bring your hands up to your solar plex then turn your hands palms up while stretching your arms above your head. Along with this movement your eyes watch your hands move from your waist to above your head.

Once in this position, palms up and you have filled your lungs on this inhale, you will drop your eyes to look straight forward and watch your hands move back to your side. This begins the exhale through your mouth while making the sound of "He". In order to do this your arms remain stretched in a straight posture while moving them in an arching motion bringing your hands back to the beginning position with the palms up, fingers touching in front of your waist. This last movement should, in addition, help you develop your peripheral vision, i.e. seeing things at your side without looking directly at them. Although this last point is a whole other subject, we can develop it with this one exercise.

Again we do this six times and at the end of this cycle we then massage our middle fingers in the similar fashion as described above for the thumb.There is a great depth of information that will follow and correspond with these posts. such as the order in which to perform them. I will be giving them in the order that men should follow and after I have completed the exercise package I will explain the order for the female readers to follow. As for knowing the first of the series this is actually a mute point. Nevertheless, I hope as a reader of this blog your learn from the knowledge I impart.