Sleep Disorders in Children - Causes and Symptoms of Disturbed Sleep


If your child is having a routine of bedwetting, teeth grinding, night terrors, sleep walking and waking up in the middle of the night, then you should concerned about it.

Sleep troubles in children is a very common issue, by which most of the parents constantly struggle to get their child free from it. Sleep disorder usually do not effects to child growth and development but it directly effects to your child behavior as in this case your child may start behaving in a strange manner for may start behaving in rudely, he may feel irritating every time, sometimes he may get disturbed, your child doesn’t get involve in family activities, he may feel fatigue, excessive yawing and poor academic performance. These are the signs which will indicates whether your child is able to get his complete sleep or not.

Causes and Symptoms of Disturbed Sleep

Now let’s know about the basic causes and symptoms of disturbed sleep of your child.

  1. Fatigue: If you’re child often feel tired or fatigue after doing less effort in school and home, then probably he may get inadequate sleep. The cause behind it could be studies burden, more gaming and fun or any other routine activities. If Fatigue can be a symptom on one side then it can also be a cause on the other side because if you’re child feel tired then he couldn’t get comfortable sleep through pout the night. On the other hand if you’re child doesn’t get enough sleep at night due to some other reason except fatigue, then he could feel tired in the day time. To fix this problem, parents need to help their child to learn practicing yoga and meditation for 10-15 minutes daily.
  2. Sleep Apnea may be the cause of your child’s sleep deprivation, about 3 to 12% of children snore, while sleep apnea symptoms effects 1 percent to 10 percent of the children. The reason of sleep apnea in children is enlarged tonsils or obesity. This will cause pauses in breathing, frequent awakening while sleeping. The treatment required for this to first consultation of good pediatrician and provides2 CPAP Therapy with doctor consultation.
  3. Parasomnias disorder are also sleeping disorders which not only effects the children but young or adults also. In these your child often experienced fears and terror while sleeping or in dreaming stage. In this situation child’s imagination is very active, so he may dream about scary and horrible things. He may scream, sweating, memory loss in this condition. The reason behind this imagination, stress, confusion, anxiety, irregular sleep routine, etc…which may cause Extreme panic and unable to sleep throughout the night. You can help your child to solve this issue by discussing about your child’s stress, provide him security objects which feel your child comfortable and relax.
  4. Bedwetting is a very common problem in children, which most of the children face during sleep. It is also known as enuresis in medical term. It can be cause, if the child has poor daytime toilet habits, the child produce large amount of urine due to excessive drinking liquid before going to bed, Sometimes the child feel sloth when he is on bed, urinary infection, etc...To treat this problem, parents should take the opinion of their pediatrician, improve their child’s habits and don’t let their child to drink large plenty of water before going to sleep.
  5. Sleep related movement disorders like periodic limbs movement disorder, restless legs syndrome, bruxism, etc…are problems which your child usually suffer from. It has been proven that these sleep related disorders in children occur due to deficiency of iron, magnesium and calcium in their body. In this case your child may have poor sleep and subsequent daytime sleepiness. The treatment for these children is to provide supplements and healthy diet like fruits, milk and green vegetables as these food items fulfills the need of essential elements for your body.
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