Sleep Eye Mask - Things to keep in Mind before Getting your next Eye Mask


Eye masks are a multifunctional health aid that will help you with headaches, eye bags, facial wrinkles, sinusitis, insomnia, swelling and redness of the eyes, allergy to symptoms and basically tension Muscular that everything dissolves eyes. There are so many options readily available to any consumer, who can take some thought and research on to draw a conclusion you can get to what kind of eye mask to buy. If you take this opportunity in the world to plan an eye mask with option to purchase, these are some of the things that you should consider before you decide to spend your hard earned money on a brand new eye mask.

There are four types of eye masks available on the market:

  1. Sleep masks
  2. Gel Mask
  3. Aromatherapy masks
  4. Masks of the face of the eyes

The mask completely covers the light when used over the eyes. This is the preferred way for those who are trying to overcome insomnia or other sleep disorders. Gel masks can be heated or cooled, and they lie on the eyes and reduce environmental stress, stress or pain and eye bags and irritation from an excessive amount of stress and lack of sleep. Aromatherapy masks have the same purpose as gel masks and sleeping masks, but to keep up with aromas of soothing herbs instead of heat or cold in addition to light. Facial masks are directly and rubbed into the skin around the eyes and the eyelids applied in their restorative healing properties can reduce the swelling, wrinkles and dark circles that come from insomnia and fatigue.

The kind of mask you decide to buy is based largely on what kind of uncomfortable or painful conditions you try to get rid of. Even beyond, however, there are certain features of eye masks of choice of what type and brand, to buy, are contemplated.


One of the best things about eye masks is their low cost. Since they produce fantastic and satisfying results, they are capable; they are defining a small investment. Gel masks and sleeping masks usually cost somewhere between $ 5 and $ 20, while aromatherapy masks cost a little more. Facial masks are the most expensive option, run anywhere from $ 20 to $ 75 for a 1-2 ounce tube. If, however, once they have purchased, they are going to take some time, so the price of daily use is quite reasonable. Another thing about masks that are made in the home according to traditional recipes, they often contain fruits and vegetables with a moisturizing component, such as glycerol.

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    • Equipment

      Sleeping masks can be created from cotton, satin, foam or plastic fabric. Essentially anything that is comfortable against the skin, can be used for this type of eye mask. Gel masks consist of gel beads encased in rubber, vinyl, plastic or gelatin. The choice of material should otherwise on durability more than anything, since gel masks cooling and heating in cold or hot water, microwave, refrigerator or even the freezer must withstand. Since the gel beads could potentially leak, the cover material should be strong enough not to be broken easily. Aroma masks are very similar masks to sleep in the structure, with the exception that they have bags of herbs inside, which can be removed, and can be changed if you must tire the peculiar odor.

      In the way

      Masks for sleeping and aroma masks do not fit the eye contour. However, it uses the gravity and lightness of the fabric, it is important because it will determine if the substance touches the eyelids, some soothing, but others bothers them. In addition to being the best choice for those who want something not to be directly in their eyes, lighter fabrics also work best for sleeping sideways as they are held in place more easily in this position. Are carried out with Velcro fastened Sleeping Mask by adjustable straps or buckles, the latter is generally less bulky and more comfortable. A very good attribute in some sleep masks is a hollow interior that allows the eyes to be opened while the mask. This type of mask is ideal for women who want to use a mask to sleep away from home, but want to receive the cosmetics applied carefully.

      One of the advantages of the gel mask is that the materials that are made, give them a natural flexibility - although, as you can imagine, they are less flexible when in the freezer. The best gel masks are designed for the normal shape of the face in shape, making them easier to stay in place.


      Gel masks are usually a little heavier so they can remain in place while delivering their healing benefits. Sleeping Mask and therapeutic masks vary according to the weight of the material used and the weight, which weighs on the basis of personal preferences. Suppressed for many a thick mask against the face has a soothing effect on the body, while for others a light touch, it is hardly perceived much more reassuring.


      The goal of a therapeutic mask is that some herbal aromas can facilitate relaxation, clogged nasal passages to heal infected sinuses and induce sleep. Chamomile, mint and lavender are popular flavors among lovers of perfumed masks, as any activation with natural components provides a quiet pleasant smell. Most people do not seem to be familiar with the principles of aromatherapy, but many users have called eye mask to substantially improve the results with their health when they go to a pleasant smell to a printed mask.


      Eye masks can be used on airplanes, in the office (during break, of course!) Or public places as well as the comfort of your own home. For those who care about looks, only some of the masks on the market are elegant. They also come in a wide range of colors to choose from. Aesthetic tastes are obviously a personal preference, but the important thing is to remember that if you want something that looks good on you, there are many ways, you have to choose is not a problem; you must be attractive to find something.

      Make Decision

      If you have never used an eye mask, start with a standard sleeping mask. It is possible that no matter how much you thought about your purchase process, the mask, you can buy even not be the best option at the end.

      But the wonderful aspect of the eye mask is that it is an extremely costly item. So, if you are not completely satisfied with the mask you get, you can always buy another brand or another type to try - and another and another one after. The fact is that eye masks are so affordable that even if you are satisfied with the first mask to buy, you may want something more than what you can be sure, you may have a mask different from where you are or what it is your situation. As you prepare to make your decision in an eye mask, take comfort in the fact that you can make both the final decisions actually the way you want.

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