Sleep Hypnosis - Cure Insomnia with Hypnosis


Are you one of the millions of people who have trouble falling asleep at night? You may be so tired, fatigued from the day’s events, but once your head hits the pillow, you find that sleep eludes you.

If you are, then you are probably no stranger to trying out different methods and techniques just to fall asleep. If none of these may have worked for you, then perhaps it’s time to explore the world of sleep hypnosis.

What is Sleep Hypnosis?

According to the sleep hypnosis Wiki definition, this is a hypnotic method that encourages your mind to let go of the world and to allow your body to get the rest that it needs and deserves. Remember that for your body to function well, fight disease, stay alerted and maintain a good memory, you need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

However, certain disorders may not allow you to do that, and if you turn to drugs and medication to get sleep, you could also be putting yourself in danger to addiction, not to mention its many side effects. Sleep self-hypnosis is a safe and non-habit forming alternative to these over the counter or prescription pills.

How Does Sleep Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis while sleeping is usually experienced through an audio type. A hypnosis script, recorded to help the mind open up to the idea of slumber, is played right before the patient is about to fall asleep. The sleep hypnosis audio will not say anything harmful. It is merely filled with suggestions to get the mind to relax and ultimately rest. Sometimes, relaxing and soothing sounds may also be played sometime during the recording, to encourage the mind to enter a restful state.

Sleep Hypnosis Tips for Beginners

If you’ve always wanted to try sleep hypnosis, but are not quite sure how to do it, here are a few helpful suggestions:

  1. It is a good time to play the script during bedtime. Set a usual bedtime for yourself so that your body can get used to it.
  2. Use speakers to play the recording. You actually have the option to use headphones but most people find headphones bothersome, and may even affect your relaxed state.
  3. Have the volume of the recording loud enough for you to hear comfortably. You won’t benefit from having it play loudly, and you won’t hear anything if it is played too softly.
  4. Do not be so hard on yourself- You can listen to the recording, but you can also allow your mind to wander. However, try to follow when you can, and take in the words of the speaker.
  5. Don’t be afraid to try again- when you are just starting out with sleep hypnosis, it can be possible to not fall asleep even after the recording has finished playing. If this happens to you, there is no need to stress out, worry, or give up. Simply press the play button again.
  6. You can also check out a sleep hypnosis video on YouTube.

Other Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

It may not be enough to simply play the sleep hypnosis mp3. There are also other things that you can do to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Besides listening to the sleep hypnosis recording every night, be sure to do the following:

  1. Develop a nightly routine and follow it nightly without fail.
  2. Avoid harsh and artificial light at least half an hour before bedtime. Turn off your mobiles, computers and harsh reading lamps.
  3. Try to develop the habit of sleeping and waking up the same time every day.
  4. Until you have established a regular sleeping pattern, avoid naps at all costs.
  5. Make sure your bedroom is set at a temperature that is comfortable to you!
  6. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. With that, try to eat healthily and exercise.

Learn Sleep Hypnosis for Better Rest Now!

You can search for more information about sleep hypnosis online. But if you are really serious, I recommend you sign up for my Mater Self Hypnosis in 7 Days course and you will surely achieve a more restful sleep soon.