Top 15 Slimming Foods For Effective Weight Loss


Weight loss programs are based on two things, what you eat and how you burn away the calories you get. It is a seesaw, which has to be balanced. Working out a lot and eating all the junk will just lead to a waste cycle. Similarly, eating less but not working out properly will make you lanky and stiff.

More than eating less and crash diets, it is important to know “what to eat”. This might be surprising that eating certain foodstuff helps you lose weight instead of gaining. Crash diets are a complete disaster, as the brain functions on thresholds, once you diet the time when you lose control the threshold goes up a notch and you eat more. The satiety level increases due to crash diets. Never get tempted by the marketed products, which claim weight loss within a week and all the taboo stuff. That is impossible and they are harmful to the body beyond imagination.

This is a list of natural foods including fruits, veggies and grains that help you in shedding those extra pounds:

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    • 1) Chia seeds

      Though they are the top ranked carbohydrate-rich grains but a major portion of them is fiber. A teaspoon of chia seeds goes in your stomach to form a huge bulk. This creates a sense of satiety and prevents any appetite urges for hours. These are the latest trending super foods in the pro weight loss food.

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      • 2) Oranges


        They have a high vitamin C content, which helps your body to cut down the adipose fat and boosts the immunity. Vitamin C is needed for the white blood cells formation, which is the main cell type for body’s immune response. A healthy body has a proper metabolism, which helps you have the balanced calorie intake, and calorie burnt cycle.

        3) Buttermilk

        Popularly known as “chaanch” in India this is the part of curd, which is richest in the probiotic content. The good bacteria go in your gut to reduce the bloating and other digestion problems. A proper digestion curbs the urge for more calories.

        4) Oatmeal


        Oats have the potential to make your body use up the fat reserves. As it is high in fiber, it is good for creating a sense of satiety in your body. Also, they help your heart stay healthy. A healthy heart is the propeller for the entire body to function properly to burn those calories.

        5) Tomatoes

        They have a lot of leptin, which is a hormone that creates a sense of satiety. It acts on the brain to stop the hunger pangs urge you to eat more. In addition, it is rich in oxalic acid, which is needed for absorption of other elements. A good absorption of the meal prevents the need for extra meals.

        6) Dark chocolate

        dark chocolate

        Dark chocolate is rich in alkaloids, which have a major anti-ageing effect. Dark chocolates are very low in calories. The slightly bitter taste is due to the alkaloids, which enhance the fatty acid mobilization in your body. They also alleviate depression.

        7) Whole grain bread

        Any whole grain meal is working on the hunger center mechanism. A bulk in the stomach keeps your brain calm and prevents the frequent appetite urges. It reduces the frequency of meals taken.

        8) Cherry

        Cherries are rich in Vitamin C. They also have a lot of anti-oxidants, which help reduce the catalytic breakdown in the body. They help in the mobilization of the fatty acids and hence work on the extra fat stores of the body.

        9) Coconut milk

        coconut milk

        Coconut milk is loaded with potassium, magnesium and Vitamin K. Potassium helps in regaining the electrolyte balance. A good weight loss regimen is promoted when the body is hydrated. The more your body exchanges the fluids the better it is for shedding off your pounds.

        10) Kale


        The leafy vegetable is rich in folic acid and anthocyanins. Antocyaninsare antioxidants. Kale is also rich in Vitamin K. Green leafy vegetables are very healthy and the fiber content improves the digestion.

        11) Apples

        Apples have a lot of iron, Vitamin A and water. The juicy apples are very good alternate breakfast if you are on a weight loss program. The sugar content is mild and the fructose is a healthier sugar than your table sugar.

        12) Lentils

        Lentils are rich in protein and help your body to obtain the required amount of protein from the right source. For those of you seeking the abs and the chest carving and the nerves, opt for lentils instead of artificial protein supplements. They are steroidal in preparation and might lead to impotency and infertility.

        13) Salmon


        Salmon is the best fish when it comes to nutrition. White meat is healthier and the fish has omega 3 fatty acids in bulk. These fatty acids are processed to form the good cholesterol relative compounds.

        14) Blueberries


        Blueberries are rich in Xanthophylls another class of antioxidants which help in the removal of harmful radicals from the body. They are rich in Vitamin C too.

        15) Yoghurt

        Fortified yoghurt will be the best meal substitute for any time whether lunch or dinner. The vitamin B 12 is made by the gut flora found in yoghurt. They help in making the absorption process more effective. Plain full-fat curd will serve the same purpose.

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