5 Fun and Unique Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy in 2017

stay fit and healthy

Gone are days when you had to go through tough workout routines at the gym to stay fit and healthy.

Working out has become boring to many people.

Just thinking of working out makes many people want to go lie down and sleep.

This is mainly because you aren’t having any fun at all. Nothing is motivating you to stay fit and healthy.

That’s why today we are going to list down 5 fun and unique ways to stay fit and healthy in 2017. These easy tips and tricks are hassle free mostly. They help you stay in shape and also have fun in the process.

Turn Your Daily Activities into a Workout Routine

Your daily routine or activities can easily be converted into a workout regime.

For example picking up groceries from the store? Try to walk to the store rather than using any kind of transport.

Go for work walking too. But remember, don’t stress yourself and keep a limit on your walking. Too much walking might strain your legs and you might have to face leg pain

Try Avoiding Oily Food

air fryers

Stay as far as you can from oily food. They genuinely make you fatter and also aren’t good for your health. But food may taste stale without any oil. In this case, try using air fryers.

Air fryers cook food using hot air circulated by a fan. They use just 20% oil to fry food. You will be able to consume all the fried food you want without any worries of cholesterol or other health issues caused by access oil in food.

Hula Hooping Exercises

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Hula Hooping was considered a fun activity for children during the 50’s. Butin the current age, it has become more of an adult exercising method.

Try buying a heavy and large hula hoop which has theheightto your waist. Avoid buying the ones meant for children, they are much lighter and will do nothing for you. Hula hoop spinning works like a wonder, for your hips and overall body, plus it is a very fun activity.

It is an awesome cardio workout for the thigh, buttocks, abdominal muscles and back muscles. It easily helps you tone your whole body.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be a way of testing yourself both mentally and physically.

Not only is it a fun extreme sport, but if done regularly, it can be a good workout exercise.Rock climbing is like a puzzle. In rock climbing, you constantly need to stop midway and think your way through a route.

It helps you gain more stamina as well and gives you that adrenaline rush missing from boring gym workouts. It is a unique way to stay fit and healthy.

Nowadays most gyms have rock climbing walls or facilities. Gear for rock climbing can also be easily hired or bought.

Be Mentally Strong

Staying only physically fit does not mean you are completely healthy. Your brain needs a workout too. Try to be mindful of your surroundings.

Play some chess or solve a puzzle game. Try to keep your mind active on a daily basis. Keeping yourself mentally fit also can be through activities like reading a book, drawing a painting or even some meditation.


Feel free to follow the tips and tricks given above for a fit and healthy lifestyle this 2017. Is there any fun and unique activity we missed out on this list? Let us know and we will surely update this list in the future. So go ahead and try out this fun and unique ways to stay fit and healthy this year.

Author bio: Alexa Rain lives in California, USA with her three children. She loves to write about healthy eating, diet, weight loss. She believes fitness can make a person different than others. She is currently an Editor in airfryerreviewed.com