Stay Safe and Secure with First Aid Training

first aid training

This statement is not just mere a proverb. It can be interpreted as a way of life. It is truly wise to stay safe and secure, a basic awareness and knowledge are required. This requires a certain degree of presence of mind so that the action might be taken at the most opportune moment. First aid training is built exactly to suit this task. It helps you to master the basic activities, which must be undertaken if there is a case of emergency. First Aid is a primary help that can be given to a victim of an accident/injury before the official medical service arrives. This help is given to prevent the deterioration of the victim’s health and to provide relief to him/her before actual medical service can intervene. Such action needs to be performed instinctively and requires a formal training before it can be applied.

First Aid Training: What it is?

First Aid is the ability to provide the immediate care and treatment to a victim of a mishap or an injury. This ability aims to prevent the aggravation of damage and unconsciousness caused by the accidental injury and conserve life. The secondary objective, usually, involve mitigating pain and promoting recovery. All this must be done until the advanced medical care arrives or if victim recovers. These are essential medical skills, which can be quickly used, even by a common bystander, to help the victim of the accident. First aid training involves the utilization of simple, but extremely important medical skills such as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation a.k.a CPR. This skill ensures to maintain the functioning of the brain until it revive to the natural condition. Other scenarios require the access to a bit sophisticated medical technology the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). This device is able to give an electrical counter shock to remove dysrhythmias and restart the heart’s normal rhythm. First Aid Training can prepare a common bystander of an accident to deal with the scenario.

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    • Factors and Requirements of First Aid Training

      The technical requirements of first aid training is based upon certain factors. These are crucial in determining how the Fist Aid system must be laid out in the specific setting, such as industries, workplace, etc. Therefore, based on these factors, anybody can have quick and easy access to first aid knowledge may render help to the recipients (such as employee in an industry if injured during work).

      1. The Nature of Your Business: This factor differentiates various setting into high risk and low risk zones based on the probability of an accident happening.
      2. The Size of the Workforce and Work Premises: This allows you to investigate the trained personnel you’ll have to employ in your workforce. It enables to determine the number of the first aid kit required in the premises. The number of kits required on the site is directly proportional to the size and area of the premises and number of workforce.
      3. Availability of Medical Care: Since, the first aid lasts until the professional medical care arrives, thus, it is important to consider the possibility of immediate medical assistance along with its response time.

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      OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has released a set of requirements, which is to be met when offering the first aid. The candidates are required to get first aid training, which includes an in-depth knowledge of the various techniques that might be handy.

      Thus, we see that first aid training is an important aspect of the modern life where accidents might happen anytime. This enables you to control a situation, as a bystander so that the victim might receive quick mental recovery to deal with the injury.

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