Step by Step Guide on How to Hypnotise Someone

how to hypnotize someone

Is Hypnotizing Someone Really Possible?

Hypnosis is such a fascinating subject that a common query is always that of how to hypnotise someone. People are naturally interested and curious if it is really possible to put another person under your spell!

If you’ve often wondered about the very same question, then let me tell you, that it really is possible to learn how to hypnotise people. The art of hypnosis can be learned. In fact, this is what makes hypnotherapists so good. However, the experience of hypnotising someone may be entirely different from how you perceive it to be. What do I mean? Allow me to explain and demonstrate by showing you how to hypnotise someone instantly in a few basic steps:


  1. The person that you want to hypnotise should be completely aware of what you are going to do. This should be the ethical rule every hypnotherapist should practice when learning how to hypnotise a person. The subject must understand what the hypnotherapy session is for. – The truth of the matter is that you actually need a person to approve the hypnotherapy session. It will be difficult to do it against his will. Although there are some manipulative ways without the consent of the person such as tricks of covert hypnosis, the art of how to hypnotise someone without them knowing, these skills are far advanced for someone who is only beginning to learn the skill.
  2. In general, the majority of hypnosis is a variation of self-hypnosis. So, it is best to begin discovering how to hypnotise yourself.
  3. Be careful of what you say to the person before the hypnosis session. Sometimes, the words that you say can affect a person’s trust in you, and in turn, affect the whole process. The words that you say before the session may sometimes be even more important than those that you say during the actual process.
  4. Don’t forget to check if your patient has been hypnotised before. Ask him what it was like and how the overall experience went. You can use this as a guide for your own hypnosis experience with the patient.
  5. It is important to tell your patient that he will clearly remember what will happen during the session. This is another way for your partner to develop trust in you. If he or she clearly remembers everything that will go on, then he will know that you will not try anything funny or dangerous.
  6. Reassure the patient and inform him that even during the hypnosis session, you will not be able to make him do anything that he doesn’t want to do. This is another way for you to get your patient’s trust.
  7. Now that all the details are clear, you can ask your patient to sit or lie down in a relaxing space and position. At this time, make sure all distractions, such as mobiles or computers are turned off. Make sure that the space that you select is somewhere where you will not be disturbed.
  8. Next, ask the patient to close his eyes and go to his happy place. This step is important so your patient relaxes.
  9. When you speak, you should make sure to do so in a soothing voice. Another helpful tip would be to time your script with the patient’s breathing.
  10. Ask your patient to relax again and again until you feel him relaxing.
  11. After step 9, you can slowly change your instructions of relaxation to the suggestions that you want to make. You can alternate between asking the patient to relax, and make the intended suggestion.
  12. Repeat the suggestions again and again, while also saying “You will only accept the suggestions that you are ready and willing to accept”.
  13. Make sure that the suggestions that you provide are all positive and can help the patient achieve his overall goal. Remember that hypnosis is never supposed to be negative. You should never try to scare the patient with the possibility of failure, or by using “musts” or “shoulds” in your suggestions.
  14. Then, conclude the session. You can do this by asking your patient to stop imagining. You can also count him back to reality.
  15. The hypnosis session does not end there. After, you can ask your patient to discuss the session- how he felt and what he saw. It may also be helpful to ask him if he would like to change anything.

Aside from these pointers, there are crucial steps on how to hypnotise someone. I suggest you learn it from my ebook featured on this site. Enter your name and email at the right-hand side of this page and get my free course today.