Stop Hypnosis - Method to Treat or Stop Unwanted Behaviours


What is Stop Hypnosis and How Can You Use It to Your Advantage?

There are many terms that are linked closely to hypnosis. Examples may be sleeping hypnosis, hypnotherapy, female hypnosis, and even phrases like stop smoking hypnosis have gotten to be very familiar to most through the years. However, most people have absolutely no idea what stop hypnosis is, and how they can use it to improve their daily lives. Is there a difference between hypnosis and stop hypnosis? Allow us to explain.

Hypnosis in Details

The term hypnosis is used to describe an artificially induced condition wherein one is assisted in answering sensitive questions by another person who is usually initiating the process. Hypnosis is normally used to reenact something that happened in the past. The hypnotherapist will try to induce the patient to go back to his past and remember some details. The experience that the hypnotherapist chooses to go back to will usually be linked to the behaviour that he is trying to stop or awaken today.

Stop Hypnosis

Stop hypnosis is simply a branch of hypnosis that seeks to put a limit on a certain kind of behaviour. This stop hypnotherapy method can be used to deal with any negative habits or unwanted conditions. Smoking is a prime example.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

We mentioned earlier that many people who are addicted to smoking may turn to hypnosis as a means to stop. The whole process can actually be categorised under stop hypnosis. Besides smoking, there are other common conditions that can benefit from this kind of hypnotherapy. Common conditions include panic attacks, self-sabotage and many forms of addiction. There have been some studies that seem to suggest that this type of hypnotherapy has been effective for the mentioned conditions and situations.

How Does Stop Hypnosis Work?

Stop hypnotherapy works under the premise that no destructive habit or behaviour comes about on its own. There must be a reason or a trigger that started these behaviours in the first place. This explains why the hypnotherapy sessions usually involve going back to the past. The hypnotist tries to look into the mind of his patient and attempts to make a connection between a certain life experience and the destructive habit. Once the connection has been made, the patient is made to understand and come to terms with his feelings and emotions on that certain experience or incident. He or she is also left with some positive affirmations and encouragement, so that he may find it within himself to stop the destructive behaviour. In essence, you go back to your inner self and stop help from other external sources to initiate changes in your life.

Benefits of Stop Hypnosis

There are benefits to using this method as a way to treat or stop unwanted behaviours. Below are the following.

  1. Patients can avoid dangerous side effects- There are no reported negative side effects from using stop hypnotherapy to cure addiction or negative behaviour. In the case of addiction, there are certain drugs that can be used to treat certain conditions. However, the side effects that the patient may get from these drugs cannot be avoided. When hypnotherapy is used, there is no such danger.
  2. Hypnotherapy goes right to the root of the problem- The problem with using other types of treatments is that the root or main cause of the unwanted or destructive behaviour may not be addressed in the course of treatment. If this is the case, then that unsettled issue will always be looming and may return to haunt the patient in the future and bring back the unwanted behaviour. Because hypnotherapy aims to go back to the past, then there is a higher chance that the cause will be resolved.
  3. The problem is tackled from the mind realm- The mind is the most powerful part of our body. When it is the mind that commands the body to stop, then it will be more effective. With drugs and other forms of treatment, the aim is to control the body, but not the mind. Hypnosis goes right to the mind.

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