6 Ways to Stop Your Sleep Talking At Night


“The only thing more dangerous than walking in your sleep is talking in your sleep”

-said by Linda Paindexter.

Be aware….may be your sleep talking emerge out the facts which you have secreted from your partner

Sleep Talking:

Sleep talking isn’t a big problem but it’s an embarrassing condition for you when your bed partner gets irritated as his sleep get disturbed with your frequent and meaningless talking while sleeping. Sleep talking is a very common disorder where 70 percent people out of which 50% kids and 5 % adults are facing this problem. It can’t be controlled by any medicine and nobody finds the proper solution for this disorder but here in this article, we’re going to tell you some tips and suggestions that’ll help you to get rid off from this disorder.

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    • Tips to stop your sleep talking problem

      • Use your bed only for sleeping- Don’t use your bed for study, eating or for watching television, reading or any other activities except sleeping. Because sleeping is the only thing you do on your bed.
      • Don’t Eat just before going to bed- Eating before going to bed don’t let your body digest the food as your body doesn’t get the time to do so. Sleep talking most often a result of bedtime eating.
      • Go to walk- Make a habit of 10-15 minutes’ walk daily after having your dinner. It helps you to digest your food and provide you easy and comfortable sleep.
      • Exercise Daily- Improvise your daily routine habits, you should start exercise and yoga daily in the morning. Walking for 15 to 20 minutes daily if you can’t do exercise is also effective to remove your sleep disorder. These helps you to stay active in the daytime regulates your mind and body and let you sleep easily at night.
        Note that you shouldn’t do the exercise before sleeping as it makes you awake throughout the night.
      • Comfortable Sleep Environment- When you choose comfortable sleep environment, it relax your body, mind and reduce the chance of sleep talking. When you create an improper environment of the room where you’re going to sleep, you’ll likely to face these types of sleep disorder. So, first you should create a comfortable environment like choose a place to sleep which is calm and quiet, it should be dark, and make sure that your sleeping mattress should be comfortable for you.
      • Reduce your Stress- If you’re having stress or tension about something, then it usually leads to distracting your sleep. Stress and anxiety are one the most common causes of sleep talking in children as well as in adults. So, the first important thing for you is to reduce your stress and anxiety. You can take the help of yoga and meditation to minimise your stress and if your child is facing this problem then this is your responsibility that you should discuss the issues and problems of your child frankly just like a friend and ensure him to solve it.


      Along with all these suggestions, it’s very essential that you should consult to doctor as some of the people are not aware of their sleep talking until and unless their partner doesn't the complaint of it. To stop sleep talking while sleeping, you should know the reason of “Why It’s Happening to You?” because to cure any treatment, you must know the in depth reason or cause of that diseases. Isn’t it? Yeah, so here your doctor can help you by asking few questions like when your problem has been started, what are the things which you think the most? Or what are the things about which you feel stress? By having this reply and by knowing your daily routine, he can offer you the best medicine not only in terms of medical line but also in terms of changing your way of thinking, by sorting out your problem by a level of mind. By knowing the causes of your stress and tension about the things which you’re thinking and after knowing the problems or issues of your life, he will find out the suitable treatment of your problem. To know more about other Sleep Disorders which hassle & worried you and also wants the treatment to cure it.