How our Subconscious keeps use from success


There are those that would stipulate that there are outside influences at work when we can not get what we wish. However, it is nothing outside ourselves, the thing keeping us from gaining any ground in getting what we want is "Fear". An American President said it best, "All we have to fear, is, fear it self". He was correct. Every body is afraid of something.

The question is, of what? Take for instance the basic fears our minds contend with every day. Loss of anything is the greatest, criticism, and failure. These are the greatest fears we all face. They are inside us all and it is our subconscious minds that control the strength of these and the affect they have on our lives. These fears are fed by what we hear or think we hear others say. It is because of our perceptions of the world and the people in our lives that our fears exist in the first place.

If you wish to start a business the greatest fear is that of failure and criticism. You go into business to make a profit and become successful in order to provide a service for others and a comfortable living for yourself. Nevertheless there are others around you that would try to tell you of the hardships involved, in addition, to saying that you would fail, this alone comes from their own fear of the unknown. The more you hear someone tell you something the more your subconscious will begin to manifest what it is you hear.

The subconscious never sleeps and it remembers everything it experiences. Now, this happens to start getting into the psychology of the human mind, however, this is the area that needs to be explored in order to begin to understand why we fail at some things and excel at others. The subconscious mind is what runs behind the scene as it were. It controls our internal mechanisms while at the same time recording every external stimuli we come into contact with. It is our inner voice that speaks to us and tells us when to run from danger.

This danger can come in many forms. Loss is the most prevalent and the most feared condition on the planet. Nobody wants to loose anything. Our self esteem is one of our pride possessions. When we fail at something we loose a little bit of it. Thus the fear of failure. Confidence is our ability to over come this fear , and is the best asset to have. Nevertheless, if you give your power away to those who would nay say, an idea that may change the status quo, then you will always wonder "what if".

We have an ability to control our subconscious through something called "autosuggestion". What this is, is a way for our conscious minds to plant a seed inside our own minds for the subconscious to dwell on and as it does it will begin to manifest what the suggestion imparts. First we have to find that which we fear, and decide to overcome it. You cannot move forward unless you know what it is you are afraid of and how to control and finally negate any fear you might have. Once you learn to control your fears you can do anything and nothing anyone will say can stop you.

This all goes back to what we hear, and what we tell ourselves at any given moment. It has to do with our emotional state of mind and what we think of our own abilities. Our needs is what drive us to do what we do and what we think we can do. Along with our basic fears there are basic needs that must be met in order to satisfy the subconscious mind. There is a hierarchy of needs we all have and strive for on a momentary basis. I say momentary, because, we are working towards satisfying these needs all the time. Our very existence depends on it. Food, shelter, to be wanted and needed, respect and self actualization.

The last one we try to achieve throughout our life time.

It is, however, within our subconscious, that we find our darkest secrets, wants, and desires. Here we will find that, at times, we do and react on auto pilot. Like driving a car or writing our name. If we have a deep fear for anything it can manifest in any form such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, or eating large amounts of food. It is because one of our basic needs are not being met sufficiently to let us go on into what we believe we should be doing. Fear of failure and ridicule in addition to lose of our confidence and self esteem.

Therefore they key is to control fear and diminish the affects of it on our lives. This can and is, done, with the help of auto suggestion, self hypnosis, or even psychoanalysis. The later being used in extreme cases were our fears take us to places that are socially unacceptable. Nevertheless, auto suggestion is the way most of us can go with a little guidance. If it is used, or done correctly you can reap the benefits almost immediately. The knowledge to have then is how to suggest to yourself in a way that will change the way you think and act.

Repeating affirmations alone are not enough. It is the way and how you speak them that makes a difference. To say " I am confident" really will not work. unless you truly understand who the "I" is. It is the ego and nothing else. Your will power cannot change what ever the ego wants until you change what shapes it. The subconscious shapes you into who you are, along with how you perceive the world thus shaping your thoughts. Therefore, reprogramming the subconscious is what you want to do.

Take this, for instance. Look at yourself, in the eyes in a mirror and state " You, ( insert your name here), are becoming more confident every day. No one can change you, (your name), you are the best and getting better everyday at the things that you, (your name), want to do". Try this for a week before you go to bed and right when you get up in the morning and you will feel a change and it will be noticeable by your friends and co-workers. I will expound more on this subject in my next post.