What Are Subliminal Suggestions and how they can Benefit Us


With this article, I want to answer to a couple of frequently asked questions about subliminal suggestions.

Subliminal suggestions are widely used in product commercials to persuade people. Since it’s sent to the subconscious mind, then people won’t even notice that they are being manipulated with. And because of that person may develop a need to buy that product.

Something that many people don’t know is that subliminal suggestions can be used as a very effective self-improvement method. That is called subliminal hypnosis.

The concept is the same, just like in subliminal advertising info will be sent to your subconscious mind and your conscious mind won’t notice that. But why send info to your subconscious mind and not to your conscious mind?

This is one of the most popular questions from people who are new to subliminal hypnosis. The answer is simple – subconscious mind is much more powerful, it can handle more information and the info will not be ignored.

We all have to memorise something every now and then, for example, a public speech, usually, people learn it by reading it over several times. It takes many attempts before it’s remembered, and usually, it will be forgotten quickly. This is because this sort of affirmations is sent to a conscious mind. Your conscious mind has so many daily problems it has to deal with, and it can’t process that much information.

Now if you’d try to learn a speech with help of subliminal suggestions, then you would memorise everything much faster, and you won’t forget them instantly. You can actually use subliminal sleep method, it works by playing a subliminal message through your headphones all night long. Next day, when you will start learning that speech, you will be surprised how naturally and easily it comes.

Subliminal suggestions can be used for anything, you can literally change anything about yourself. Because of the huge popularity of subliminal hypnosis, there are albums made for everything. And if not, then it is possible to make your own audio files, with subliminal messages in them.

Subliminal suggestion technique has become a really popular way to learn new languages. There are two different approaches for that, first one is by motivating you and making the language more natural to you. The other one is by literally teaching you the words. By using this method you can learn a new language so you can actually speak it in just a couple of weeks.

How can it work while sleeping, I thought sleeping means that my brain is resting.

It works because only your conscious mind is resting, while your subconscious mind is still working, and ready to receive any information, and as I wrote before the results will be much better because the subconscious mind is simply far more powerful.

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