Techniques for Covert Hypnosis other than Direct Conversation


There are many other techniques that can be used to perform covert hypnosis.

Vocal Training

The tone and tempo of your voice are essential for using covert hypnosis. The variations in sound will enable you to consciously control the subject. Pre-recorded voice training programs can be used to master it.

Hypnotizing through Witnesses

The actual person to be hypnotised is asked to witness the process of hypnotising another person. The message you are giving to the hypnotised person will be unconsciously transferred to the witness.

Hypnotising Through Video Tape

Record the process of hypnotising another person in a video. Show this video to the subject. You can also record the video of giving specific instructions to a person in the form of a lecture.

Hypnotising through Relaxation and Meditation

Relaxation and meditation give an opportunity to make the conscious mind to rest. When the conscious mind is at rest the unconscious mind take charge of things and you can communicate directly to the unconscious mind.

Teaching Others To Hypnotise For You

Sometimes you may not be in a position to do hypnosis on the subject personally. You can seek the help of another person, teach him the stories and questions to be asked and get the feedback. You can analyse the feedback and take further steps.

Electronic Hypnosis

Brain Wave synchronizer is an electronic device used to induce the altered state of mind in a person. Professionals like dentists and clinicians use this device and have found to have a quicker effect than traditional methods. It is basically a flashing light that can be used covertly.

Inducing the Powerful Emotional States

Understanding the events that create good mood in others can be effectively used in covert hypnosis like songs, food and places. Use this words and situation to draw their attention. The remembrance or retrieval of these events can create the powerful emotional state on the subject leading to altered mind.

Olfactory Hypnosis

The power of smell can be used for covert hypnosis. The smell of foods you love or smell of certain places or person can raise your emotional state or mood. Some may lead to the recollection of some previously pleasurable incidence. Triggering of these strong emotions can be effectively used for hypnosis.