5 Hypnosis Techniques For Seduction


Just envisage having that supernatural power to pick up anyone you fancy at the restaurant, at a club or bar, or at the library. Actually, it is quite easy to seduce most of the men and women using surreptitious hypnosis. Not many people are aware of the fact that there is an effective way in which you can easily lure anyone back home with you.

All you need constant practice in order to be successful. While you may be thinking these hypnotic seduction methods as unethical, but in actuality, at the end of the day, it does prove helpful in opening doors for you.

Eventually, it will be your charisma that will make out the direction in which your relationship goes, whether it will be interim or long-term. So, without any further ado, here are top 5 hypnosis techniques for seduction.

1. What Are They Wearing?

I am sure you must have heard the phrase – don’t judge the book by its cover. While this is the best way not to be prejudice, it doesn’t alter the fact that you can easily make out someone’s mood or their character by the way they are dressed. If the person is dressed up in dark colored clothes, then you can associate with sadness, negativity, and dullness, but on the other hand, the bright colors will suggest positivity and happiness.

When you combine all this with the body language of the person, you tend to have a fair idea of how the personal is feeling at that moment. If you see them with the same dressing style on more than one occasion, then you can be sure of that person’s personality.

2. Watching Their Eyes

Watching Their Eyes

Irrespective of the place you live, eyes have an important role to play while having a communication with someone. Not many people know that keeping a constant eye contact is considered rude, but having minimum eye contact is a sign of mutual respect and demonstrates an element of trust. Well, I would like to add here that it differentiates nation to nation.

However, if you are having a conversation with someone and they are constantly looking away, this is a clear sign of disinterest. You can even gauge someone’s thought process by looking into their eyes. Firstly, you need to let them access a representational system and they can only do so during a thought process. One easy way to get them to do this is to ask them a thoughtful question.

3. Breathing Patterns

Notice when you are calm and relax, your breathing is controlled. You inhale and exhale at regular intervals. When you go through different emotions such as – fear, nervousness, excitement, and sadness, your breathing no longer stays calm and it becomes faster, eventually resulting in hyperventilation.

It is quite easy to determine this on someone else and it can be done in varied ways, like listening to their tonality, having a look at someone’s pulse, and observing their diaphragm. You can easily make a relationship with someone when you pay close attention to their breathing patterns. You can subconsciously make feel connected with you, all you need is to imitate the breathing patterns of the person.

4. Knowing The Body Positions

Body Positions

The way in which a person positions his/her body, either in an approach or while you are having a conversation, says a lot. Let us assume if you are approaching a female, then heading straightway towards here can be quite intimidating for her. While, if you are approaching her from the sideways, then this shows you are not confident enough.

Make sure you approach her at a comfort zone, in order to increase the probabilities of liking you. While there are chances that she may not consciously appreciate the method of approach you have used, but she will subconsciously acknowledge conceding your confidence level.

You can also build a relationship by copying the body position or stance of someone. You can also make it not obvious by delaying the action for about three seconds. If the way they are standing makes it awkward to the mirror, then make sure avoid doing it. There is nothing worse than making it openly obvious and losing all your chances.

5. Hand Gestures

When you look at some of the best motivational speakers or professional hypnotists, one thing you must have noticed about them i.e. extensive use of their hands for emphasis. There is no doubt that it is one of the effective ways of expressing oneself, but, most of the times hand gestures end up representing what the person is trying to say instead of what they are actually saying.

When you are copying someone’s hand gestures whenever their voice is filled with job, subconsciously informs the person that you are getting what they are trying to say. Again, it is important that you are not making it palpable and when you do this effectively, you end up building a strong bond and helps you to transmit positive energy.

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