The Secret to Successful Seduction


If you ever ask a friend for advice on picking up a woman you will invariably hear two suggestions – be yourself and be confident. These two clichés are bandied about more than any other in the dating game and I'm hearing today to tell you that both are utter hogwash.

But how can that be when you hear that advice all the time? Well, there’s certainly an element of truth…once you are already a master of the dating game. However when you’re making your first forays into the art of seduction then there is only one thing you should focus on – interest. When I say “interest” I mean you have to be interesting and look as if you are genuinely interested in the woman you are talking, even if your only goal is to get them in your bed at the end of the night and nothing more. This is why being yourself may not be a good idea at first. Most people are actually frightening dull and they don’t even realise it.

There is an easy way to become more interesting though and that is to lie. By lie I mean create a few stories about yourself and situations that you have been in that seem incredible, but could have realistically happened. Think less “I'm running for President in 2008” which can be easily checked and is over the top anyway and more “Last year I climbed Kilimanjaro for charity” which can’t really be checked but certainly sounds realistic as treks up Kilimanjaro are done quite regularly while still seeming like an interesting and impressive feat. Plus the charity aspect makes you seem like a warm, kind person who likes to look out for others which are an attractive quality to women.

You should also begin learning a few interesting facts which you can slip into conversation. Don’t try to shoe-horn them in but if The Apprentice crops up in a conversation, for example, you could mention that Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy three times. Interesting facts are easily found on the internet, there are full websites dedicated to them and because they’re usually quite short they’re easy enough to learn and remember. The more you know, the more naturally you can drop them into conversation making you appear interesting and intelligent.

Looking interested, even when you’re not, may take practice. Some people are naturally better at it than others. The key is to maintain eye contact and treat them like they’re the only person in the room. Nod occasionally, and ask to follow up questions and you’ve got them hooked. You’ll have made them feel special and that is vital.

It is also incredibly helpful to know the basics of conversational hypnosis. It is the next step in being successful at seduction. With this technique, you can make almost anyone hang on your every word and vie for your attention. It is undoubtedly more advanced than what I have talked about in this article but if you want to take your pick of the ability to the next level then it is well worth the time and money it takes to learn.

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