The Spiritual Meaning of Three


I know as of late I haven't really written anything pertaining to the title of this blog. However, I would like to think that, what I have said, gave rise to some sort of thought process. Thus without further delay I shall get right to the topic of today's post. The spiritual meaning of three can take on few different meanings. This is dependent solely on the belief system of the individual. For the most part I think that most of us can agree that as spiritual beings there are three parts of us that make the whole.

We all have a body that contains our mind and this combination in like contains the soul or spirit as it were. There is a Chinese phrase that translates into meaning "Three Conflicts" or "Three Steps", it is Sanchin. From a Martial Arts standpoint it takes on the meaning of the process in which we develop all three through both physical and mental exercise. These exercises were combined into one process that takes us into our inner self through concentration of movement and breathing. The purpose of this is to learn to control our thought by focusing on our physical stance and muscle control.

Our breath is another area of focus by way of how we inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth holding our teeth just slightly touching and the tongue in the position facilitating a hissing sound upon the act of exhaling. With this aspect of the exercise it is important to let it become natural and relaxed in the execution. Another part to focus on is, as you inhale, you pull or push your breath below the diaphragm. This can be tested by holding your stomach just below the belly button as you inhale. You would feel your stomach pushing against your hand.

I am sure at this point you're asking, what does this have to do with the spirit? Well, this exercise is a moving meditation. We all know what Yoga is and have seen some form of Martial Arts "kata". Sanchin is just that, a combination of Yogic type breathing and a structured set of movements designed to build strength, endurance and overall health. In addition, it teaches self control over our minds and bodies by utilizing our internal focus on both the breath and the movements. This process helps to develop confidence in our ability to master our physical self thus lending to the process of building a spiritual understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

This brings us to meaning of the three, mind body and spirit, and, the three steps that take us to a complete understanding of ourselves and others in addition to the world we live in. The steps are to control the breath, next to control the body. Both are accomplished by controlling the mind through focus, or concentration on the later two aspects. This last step is key to everything else in the form of having the ability to manifest what we want through focused thought and the desire to get where and what we want to be. This as well is a spiritual journey that we are all taking through various methods and pathways.

Regardless of which path we take our success comes down to one thing. It is not outside our scope to accomplish anything that we set our minds on doing. No one outside ourselves has control of this. It is we who are in control of our path and experiences because it is our thoughts that generate how our lives manifest. The exercise of Sanchin is one such path that helps to build the ability to generate correct thought patterns that help manifest what is termed "Right Thought". This is where the "Secret" is and it cannot be found anywhere else but inside us. There is nowhere else to look except in the mirror, for the answers to all our questions.

Quote; "A person without self-control is as defenseless as a city with broken down walls"