Five Things That Stop You From Attracting What You Want

attracting what you want

Sound’s boring, isn’t it?

Why go for a walk when you can have an extended sleep comfortably in your bed?

Believe me, sooner or later, and you’ll come to an understanding that you cannot take your body for granted.

  1. Desperation – When you are holding the energy of desperation, you are really saying to yourself, I don't trust. You get what you focus on, so shift your focus to faith and you should see a new outcome emerge.
  2. Incompatible Action – When your actions are not aligned with what you want, you block the flow. Whether you just sit around and wait for a check to arrive in the mail, or date unavailable men while hoping to find a committed relationship, both in action and misaligned action sends a signal to the subconscious mind that you are not really serious or focused on your goal.
  3. Peers and Family – If you are focused on creating change in your life but there are people around you that do not want you to grow, it is more difficult to attract new realities. Many people who do not want to live their dreams often pull down those who reach for them, secretly hoping them to fail. Some people you may have to be around for family obligations, but the less time you spend with the dream stealers the more you will see an increase in your results.
  4. Complaining – One of the biggest energy drainers in your life is complaining. Practice giving yourself seven days without a complaint and watch what changes around you. When you complain, you focus on what is wrong and you get what you focus on.
  5. Believing what you see – Yes, this is a big one. Most people look at their life as a fixed circumstance. Since they do not see the money, love or weight loss they want, they have a hard time believing it is possible. Instead of believing in their dreams, they focus on the current reality as if it will never change. Start believing in the unseen and miracles will begin to occur all around you.


One last bit of advice when trying to use the law of attraction to bring change into your life. Trust in the process as life unfolds to you. Something unexpected, and sometimes unwanted, can be the bridge for a new reality. Even the darkest times have their gifts. Napoleon Hill in the book Thinks and Grow Rich says, Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the Seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.