Negative or Positive Thoughts and what to do with them


It's been a few since I last posted here, however, it does not mean either of us should give up on this blog. What happens to our thoughts when we just give them a passing glance or just let them move on with out even considering why or where they come from? I myself am not sure, however, there are those who claim to think they know. As for me you will never read that I have all the answers to any problem. As such what you will read here is about my own journey of thoughts and how they may have affected my life.

This blog is titled "Manifestation Through Thought" and since this is the title let us consider the title of today's posting. If we ever are to consider our thoughts and what happens to them and how they are generated we must first look at how we perceive our surroundings, our lives and what we come to call our reality. The way we perceive things gives way to what we think and how we think. For an example if you are a religious person and a strong advocate of your belief system then this is what guides your thought processes and in addition, the cause of the things that you attract in your life.

Yes, I am mentioning the attraction factor because, our thoughts are manifesting everything in our lives from how others treat us to bringing new people into our lives, in addition to what we experience on a daily basis. Think about it for a moment, if you wake up with a smile and continue through out your day this way it will tend to make others smile and maybe even want to talk to you or just say hello. Someone who you may not know that well at work just might smile back and start a conversation. Remember smiles are very contagious and are a good thing to spread around.

On the other hand if you wake up in a bad mood others will pick up on this as well and treat you accordingly. I find it best to avoid things that put me in this later condition. Thus what happens if you have a negative thought and just let it go and replace it with a good thought? It will change the way you feel and manifest outwardly in your actions. It does not matter what kind of thoughts we have they all will manifest in some form or another. For instance, instead of creating a certain mood the thought could manifest through a developing habit such as drinking alcohol, or trying narcotics or many other things that are harmful to us.

The thing is, in order to control our own actions we must be ever vigilant about what we think and why we are having any particular thought process at all. Now from an NLP stand point we can look at what makes up our believe system, i.e. the root cause of our thoughts and how we think and perceive the world around us. We can do this first by asking ourselves some facilitative questions and begin with honest answers. We can start by analyzing our life to see if there are things that affect us in a negative manner that should be managed and changed. This is the first step towards finding out how we think and why we think the way we do. Next after identifying things we should change is to ask; why you have not noticed this behavior and what if anything has kept you from managing it?, The "behavior" would be any negative thought or action, i.e. habit that affects our lives and those around us.

These series of reflective questions will help facilitate the need and want for a change in your behavior if you decide that the present state you are in is unsatisfactory. If you decide that a change is in order then you must begin by finding a pattern in either your thought processes or actions, which, by the way, are a direct result of your thoughts. Ask yourself this question if you find it difficult as to whether or not something should be changed, What is it, that would have to happen, i.e would you need to see, hear, or in fact feel, to realize a change should occur? Would a friend or family member have to bring it to your attention? Would you have to hurt another or feel hurt from what someone has done onto you because of your actions?

If at all, are there any aspects of yourself that you would believe should remain and what criteria would you use to make this choice? These are only a few questions that will cause you to reflect on who you really are and why you think and act they way you do. The way we can break out of a pattern once we detect one, is to choose to do something different. Now, this is easier said than done because change will not happen in a instantaneous manner. It takes work and, not to sound like "Laureal" commercial, but are we not all worth the time to reflect upon ourselves and become better at who we really are or want to become?

Anyone's first and biggest mistake is not believing in them self or there abilities. One should never, ever, listen to or take credence in any negative remarks coming from others. This has to do with self esteem and this can have a very strong affect on how we think and perceive the world. Just because others do not or will not accept the things you want to be does not mean you should stop thinking about the things you want. So back to the topic what should we do with our thoughts?

Analyze them and find out where and why we think the way we do. If you find that there is a negative pattern, find a way to break it by asking the above questions. Then interrupt this pattern with a new thought process and continue to ask yourself those questions until your thoughts get you to where and what you want to be. Keep at it and you will find great joy in the power of your thoughts. Until next time keep reading and stay positive, be grateful, caring, and joyful. These thing are what will heal us all!