3 Stages Of Mental Trance Produced By Hypnosis


In my last blog post, I wrote about how we get into a mental trance multiple times in a day. Some of these trance states happen from doing ordinary stuff such as reading, watching television, driving a car, exercising, shopping etc.

There are actually multiple levels of a trance that we can get ourselves into. Obviously, if you want to get into a deep level of trance, you may need the assistance of a hypnotist.

What are the levels of trance a person can achieve?

The following are 3 stages:

1) Light trance.

A light trance is the beginning stage. You can get to this level quite easily. All you have to do is close our eyes, relax all your muscle in your body and start to breathe deeply.

A friend of mine, incidentally is also a hypnosis trainer, thought me a simple trick to get to the beginning level of trance. All you need to do is sit on a sturdy chair, close your eyes and start to relax all of your muscle.

Start from the top of your head and mentally noticing and relaxing all the muscle in your face, neck, shoulder, chest, abdomen, hip, legs and toes. By breathing deeply, you’ll set yourself up for the second stage.

2) Medium trance.

When you reached this stage, your head and body start to slump as if they are getting heavy. Your awareness of your surrounding is reduced and some of your senses start to become numb.

However, your sense of hearing becomes sharper and you’ll start to hear sound which you did not notice before. The most obvious sound will be the sound of your breathing.

Most people that practice vipassana meditation will experience this sensation after a prolong meditation session. A novice will experience some challenges because his mind will start to wander. To help you to reach the stage of medium trance, the clear guiding voice of the hypnotist will be very helpful.

3) Deep trance.

When you’ve when through prolong medium trance, you will slowly move to a level of deep trance. It is unclear when the transition happens, but when it does, you will experience deeper abdominal breathing.

Your sense of hearing is still very sharp though, and if you have a hypnotist or hypnotherapist beside you, his voice becomes your absolute focus.

Personally, I have never reached this level of trance before. I doubt I will achieve it on my own. I would need the help of a professional hypnotist.