Tips For Hypnotising Someone To Fight Depression


Depression afflicts millions and billions of people worldwide. For some people, it is just a brief episode that occurs only once in their lifetime, while for others it can be chronic or recurrent. Irrespective of the kind of depression a person deals with, this conditions can have the significant impact on their lives. While antidepressants and psychotherapy can be helpful, anyone who has battled the disorder knows that all these things do not always help. Apparently, in the last few years, hypnosis has become a potentially effective treatment for people suffering from this disorder. By learning how to hypnotise, you can help many depression patients deal with their condition in a natural and effective manner.

Hypnosis for depression helps address the root cause, and help individuals find more effective coping behaviours. It has also proven to be an effective way for such people to achieve happier mood and decrease negative thoughts that usually accompany depression.

Hypnotherapy for depression typically uses a combination of imagery and suggestion to bring positive changes in the unconscious mind of the depressed individual. People who undergo hypnosis often experience the greater sense of control on their mood, thoughts, and general life.

Instructions On How To Hypnotise For Depression

  1. First of all, discuss the hypnosis process with the patient to make sure he/she is willing to try it. A person should never be hypnotised against his/her will.
  2. Set goals with the patient and make a list of symptoms. The hypnosis should focus on targeting the symptoms that cause most of the problems in the patient's life.
  3. Create suggestions that can be used during the hypnosis trance. The suggestions must directly address the patient’s problems. They should contain specific actions that the patient can willingly take to combat the problems. Make sure you don’t impose suggestions that the patient is not willing to do at all.
  4. The most successfully used method to treat depression through hypnotise is the soothing voice method. Direct the person to sit in a comfortable position. Ask him to close his eyes and focus on your voice. Instruct him to focus, relax and use his visualisation power.
  5. Implant the agreed suggestions in the patient’s mind when he reaches a suggestible state. Bring the person out of the effect by using reverse hypnosis process. Make sure you only use those suggestions that the patient agreed-upon.
  6. Instruct the patient to repeat affirmations every day to reinforce them effectively.

If you know someone who is struggling with depression and yet to find help from traditional medication or psychotherapy, then hypnosis can definitely be worth considering. It is a safe and effective alternative treatment. Many people have already benefitted from it in a variety of ways and successfully got rid of their disorders and bad habits.

If you are a beginner, you can always check out tutorials and CDs on how to hypnotise for depression. With practice and dedication, you should be able to do it correctly and in a systematic manner. Hypnosis for depression is a successful method and with right techniques, you should be able to give a patient the much-desired outcome.