Tips to Master Covert Hypnosis


The main requirement to master the arts of covert hypnosis is dedication. You will be learning the process by dividing it into smaller and simpler units so that you cam master one technique each week.

A mere reading of the book on covert hypnosis will give you only knowledge about covert hypnosis process and concepts. But to apply a concept of covert hypnosis you should be familiar with the tools. So initially you will learn the concept of hypnosis one technique at a time, familiarise it by rehearsing and then practising it to perfection several times for one full week.

Attempting to do everything altogether will result in confusion and failure. The step by step process will help you to master the art naturally without any strain. Practicing hypnosis is just like you have learned alphabets when you were young. You learn each alphabet one by one, practice it, put them together to form words and later sentences can be formed naturally and easily. Learning like this will form a permanent image in your subconscious mind and will remain throughout your life.

The hard work, repetition and memorization will enable you to master the techniques and utilize them whenever you need it. Learning by listening to the recorded instructions is also an excellent method. This will make it easy to grasp the sounds, voice tones and verbal patterns used during hypnosis. You can also improve your skill by recording your own voice, hear it, correct it and then improve it to perfection.

The listening method has the advantage of practicing covert hypnosis even when you are engaged in light works. The entire course of covert hypnosis is available in the form of tapes that can be easily followed.

Covert hypnosis is easier than other forms of hypnosis to practice since your subject will not know that you are hypnotising him. This will eliminate all chances of resistance from the part of the subject. You can also feel more relaxed as a beginner since you are applying it unobserved. The subject will feel the ideas that you plant in his mind using covert hypnosis as his own ideas.