Top 7 Covert Hypnosis Techniques of Mind Control


As you learn hypnosis, some of the most interesting techniques you come across, such as cold reading, hot reading, deception, misdirection, eye cues and so on, are grouped under what is known as “Covert Hypnosis.”

Covert hypnosis is used by psychics, Mentalists, illusionists and even by many politicians, con men, marketers and advertisers. Some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, media celebrities and showbiz personalities are known to have mastered this technique.

A covert hypnotist aims to change a subject’s subconscious behaviour, without appearing to do so, giving them the impression that they have changed their mind all on their own, without any external influence.

This form of hypnosis is a potentially dangerous one if it falls into the wrong hands. Adolf Hitler was perhaps the most famous (or infamous) covert hypnotist in history, who was known to use covert hypnosis techniques to make the people of Germany willingly support his fascist designs.

Covert hypnosis is executed expertly by a hypnotist during a normal everyday conversation with a subject, without them ever noticing it. It is said to have been successful if the subject does what the hypnotist wants them to do, without ever considering for a while that he or she may be under a hypnotic influence.

Clearly, covert hypnosis is not a simple method to master, and takes years of concentrated effort. But you can get started by learning some of the techniques described here.

Eye Cues

Eyes play a very important role in covert hypnosis. Covert hypnotists always look straight at a person’s eye and use their eye cues to find out what they are actually thinking. The directions in which a person’s eyes move in response to a question reveal a lot about their thoughts. As you learn hypnosis, you’ll discover more about accessing information from a subject’s eye cues.


Submodalities is a covert hypnosis technique where the hypnotist determines the variations in a person’s response to different scenarios or questions. The covert hypnotist uses his words very carefully, aiming to trigger a response from the subject in a particular context. Depending on whether the response is positive or negative, he either uses the same words again or refines them, to trigger the emotions that he wants.


Hypnosis is an art of deception. Covert hypnotists use suggestions or words that may not be perfectly true to trigger a particular response from a subject. The goal is to create a rapport with the subject and earn their trust, by making them believe in the illusion created by the hypnotist.


Covert hypnotists use Misdirection – a technique which is used by most magicians. The idea is to divert the subject’s attention from the real agenda of the covert hypnotist, by planting thoughts that focus their attention on something that is no more than just a diversionary tactic. To make this happen, the covert hypnotist plants the same words, but in completely different contexts, so that the subject doesn’t analyse too deeply about what has been said.

Cold Reading

Cold reading is a tactic famously used by the illusionist Derren Brown, during which the covert hypnotist aims to make the subject believe that he can their mind. This involves tactics such as making vague statements and depending on the reaction of the subject, whether positive or negative, subtly changing the statements or emphasising them further, giving the impression that the hypnotist can do mind reading.

Warm Reading

Warm reading is similar to cold reading and is normally used by a covert hypnotist as an ice breaker with a subject, as a precursor to cold reading. It involves making very general statements that are true for everyone but give the impression that the hypnotist is a mind reader. It is meant to warm up the subject to the hypnotist.

Hot Reading

Hot reading is the most powerful mind reading technique used by covert hypnotists that involve making statements and observations stun and shock the subject because they are very specific and 100% true. But this is in reality only possible if the hypnotist has actual prior knowledge about the subject.

To get this information, the hypnotist has to speak directly to someone who is close to the subject. But when used successfully, this covert hypnosis trick convinces the subject that the hypnotist has psychic ability – which is completely untrue, of course.


Hope you have found the information given here both useful and interesting. If you’re looking to learn hypnosis, you’ll find more such interesting stuff on this site, so do have a look around.

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