Common Phobias Which Can be Overcome by Using Self Hypnosis


'what frightens people the most?

Which can be overcome by using self-hypnosis?'

This page gives a list of the most common phobias - its purpose is not to give a list of every phobia known to mankind, but just to list and define the most common psychological phobias.

So, I have tried not to include any ‘phobias’ that have come as the result of word games or word engineering, nor have I include some of those ‘phobias’ beloved of the press (such as friggatriskaidekaphobia – the fear of the Friday 13th, or hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – fear of the number 666).

I have also left out all the biological ‘phobias’ (such as acrophobia, which describes the preference of some organisms to live in non-acidic conditions); all the chemical ‘phobias’ (such as hydrophobia – referring to a chemical that is repelled from water); all the medical ‘phobias’ (such as photophobia – abnormal intolerance of light); and the ‘phobias’ that relate to prejudice and hatred (such as homophobia or xenophobia).

This page focuses on the most common psychological phobias – more specifically, those phobias that may be amenable to being overcome by hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Phobia Description
Ablutophobiathe fear of washing, or bathing (I think my dog suffers from this!)
Achluophobiafear of the dark
Acrophobiafear of heights
Agoraphobiafear of open spaces, or crowded spaces fear of leaving a safe place
Ailurophobiafear of cats
Anthropophobiafear of people or company (social phobia)
Apiphobiafear of bees
Arachnophobiafear of spiders
Astraphobiafear of thunder and lightning
Aviophobiafear of flying
Claustrophobiafear of being closed in or having no means of escape
Cynophobiafear of dogs
Emetophobiafear of vomiting
Entomophobiafear of insects
Glossophobiafear of public speaking
Iatrophobiafear of doctors (and going to visit the doctor)
Odontophobia (sometimes called dentophobia)fear of dentists or dental procedures
Social phobiafear of being in social situations
Zoophobia fear of animals

Added to this list might be two other phobias that have no specific name (or at least no specific name that I’ve ever been able to find!):

• Fear of driving (especially on motorways/freeways); fear of examinations.

There are, of course, many more phobias than those listed, but the phobias in the list are the most common phobias. For all of the most common phobias listed above, there is the potential for using self-hypnosis as part of the treatment.