Tricks & Skills Needed to Become an Illusionist

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How to Become an Illusionist

One of the biggest motivations for people to learn hypnosis is to become an illusionist. How does one become an illusionist? Certainly, it’s not something everyone can do or be good at.

As a matter of fact, it is perfectly easy to make your debut as an illusionist after learning some of the tricks related to hypnosis that you will learn here, on this website. But to make a career out of it, to become a successful illusionist, one who entertains people year after year, for decades, takes some doing.

There are some who have achieved remarkable success in this profession. The British master illusionist Derren Brown is one. Brown is much more than just an illusionist – he is the ultimate showman and a stage performer, who uses a combination of hypnosis, psychology, misdirection, subliminal messages and a bit of traditional, old-fashioned magic to do what he does.

He reads minds of people in the audience, even read the mind of the legendary journalist and broadcaster David Frost. He has done some unbelievable things such as stopping pulses of people, predicting lottery numbers.

But with is most remarkable about him is that he readily admits that he has no psychic ability of any sort, and is actually contemptuous of those who claim to have such abilities. Brown is a rationalist who believes in science and is of the opinion that science alone holds the answers to all questions. He has no interest in the supernatural.

Brown often talks about how anyone can learn hypnosis, and after working really hard at it can do everything that he does. So, how can you become an illusionist like Derren Brown? You will get “some” idea from this article. Read on!


What are the Skills Needed to Become an Illusionist?

An illusionist is not that different from an old-fashioned magician. Magicians have been a part of human civilisation from ever, it’s just that some have claimed to have supernatural powers, taken advantage of the gullible and become “godmen.”

An illusionist does nothing of the sort; he readily admits that he is just a performer. To become a successful illusionist, you must be humble, because you never know when a trick might fail spectacularly.

You must have no stage fright whatsoever. You will require a lot of skill, of course. You should also project a mysterious and interesting image of yourself. You should have a unique personality, the personality of a showman, and you shouldn’t ever be boring.

Remember, as an illusionist, you are an entertainer, first and foremost. But first, you should learn hypnosis and master all the hypnosis techniques. You should work hard, practice and hone your craft.

What are the Tricks used by an Illusionist?

Cold reading

An illusionist does a plenty of Cold reading, where he picks out someone from the audience, a complete stranger, and reveals things about their life and personality, their deepest secrets, which would seem incredible to the audience, as they are not familiar with the tricks employed by him.

How does the illusionist do this? He uses tricks such as Shotgunning, in which he makes very general statements to the audience member and watches their body language very closely. If the body language is positive, he continues, if not, he subtly modifies what he is saying.

He makes use of the Barnum statements, which are very general statements that are true for almost everyone but designed to make them seem very personal. One of the Barnum statements used by Derren Brown goes like this: You are quiet around those you don't know, but around your friends, you enjoy being the centre of attention and the life and soul of the party

Also useful is the Rainbow Ruse, statements that simply cannot be untrue, with no chances of being wrong. Consider this Rainbow Ruse used by Derren Brown: You are very compassionate, but you struggle to forgive those who hurt your family

Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis is the staple trick used by an illusionist. It involves understanding how the mind works and communicating effectively with someone’s subconscious mind, very subtly. As you learn hypnosis, you will pick up many of the tricks used by illusionists who practice covert hypnosis on their audience members.

The covert hypnosis techniques used by an illusionist are Building Rapport, which involves creating a strong connection between himself and the audience member. This is an intense connection built in a very short time, which makes the participant see the hypnotist as someone with authority, and obey his commands, without resisting.

An illusionist also looks for Trance Signals, which are signals given by the subject when they fall into a hypnotic trance. It is important for a hypnotist to recognise when someone is responding to the hypnosis and when they are not.

Mastering the Hypnotic Language is also important. As an illusionist, you should master your language skills. You should learn how to converse in a hypnotic language, which triggers something in the subject’s mind, causing them to fall into a hypnotic state.

Well, these are the basics of how to become an illusionist. We hope you have enjoyed this article, do have a look around this site for more interesting stuff such as this, which should help you in your quest to learn hypnosis.