The Truth behind Past Life Regression Hypnosis - Beliefs and Challenges


What’s your stand about reincarnation—are you a believer or not? Whether you are a believer in reincarnation or not, perhaps learning about past life regression hypnosis will at least excite you. Isn’t it exciting to learn what or who you were in your past life through this “underground hypnosis?”

Though exciting and really interesting, hypnosis techniques using past life regression hypnosis are still in hot debate. Some say past life regression hypnosis happens while some believe that it’s just a matter of the subject’s real memories, imaginations, and fantasies. So, what is the real score in this hypnosis therapy?

Understanding the Past Life Regression Hypnosis

One of the many hypnosis techniques is the use of the subject’s memory to resolve current issues. This hypnosis therapy can even go as far as the subject’s past life, which is done through past life regression hypnosis.

With past life regression hypnosis, the hypnotist guides the subject to his “past life” to see who or what he or she is in his or her past life. Many hypnosis experts believe that by visiting the subject’s “past life,” he or she will be able to understand some issues in his or her present life situation.

Many hypnosis techniques are done for past life regression hypnosis. But the goal remains the same—visiting the subject’s past life.

Beliefs and Challenges on Regression Hypnosis

Many subjects of this hypnosis therapy have firmly believed that they have visited their past life. A very popular example is Virginia Tighe, an American housewife who reported that she recounted the memories of Bridey Murphy, a woman existed in the 19th century.

Virginia firmly believes that she was Bridey Murphy. But some investigation said that her memories were only attributed to her childhood when she spent some time living near an Irish.

More people believe that past life regression is possible especially with the existence of more cases like Jane Evans and an English woman. For these people, their memories were vividly clear but many sceptics have a different story.

The Skeptic’s Story

Some scientists and sceptics of this underground hypnosis said that it is impossible to visit the person’s past life through the past life regression hypnosis.

The so-called memories of the person are only attributed to a combination of the person’s real memories, fantasies, and “created” memories. That is why hypnotherapists using this hypnosis therapy are having a hard time selecting which of the subject’s memories are real from not.

Also, what many sceptics worry about past life regression hypnosis is its results and effects to the subject. This hypnosis therapy can either be of positive or negative effects—some are satisfied while some are left in misery.

Just imagine if you found out that you are a serial killer in your past life. That will surely give you the feeling of guilt for your entire lifetime. Worse, what if you are not really a serial killer and that serial killer is only a part of your created memories? Sad to say, hypnosis techniques cannot identify which among your memories are real from not so there is no chance that you will know if you were a serial killer or not.

Although the real thing in past life regression hypnosis is still unclear, this hypnosis therapy is still used by many certified hypnotherapists, not to discover the subject’s past life but by helping him or she builds another good memory that will make him or her happier and satisfied. How can this be possible?

Experts in hypnosis therapy can dictate what memory a person should have and should ignore. Now, that’s surely the real deal in this underground hypnosis.