The Power of Unconscious Mind Controlling Our Body


In the world of hypnosis, there are several well-known figures. For example, Milton Erickson that teaches the indirect permissive style to the direct. There’s also George Estabrooks that uses the authoritarian styles.

One thing is very clear, the power of all these techniques lies in the connection that you build with the Unconscious or Subconscious Mind.

If you want to learn the power of hypnosis technique, the key lies in your ability to get the person you are trying to hypnotise into a trance state by building a strong rapport with the Unconscious Mind. It is not an easy process for beginners. But with proper practice and training, it can be done.

One thing that I learn from reading books on hypnosis is the power of the Unconscious Mind. The Unconscious Mind not only holds information that is outside our consciousness, but it also manages sensations and body functions. It is fair to say, it plays a big part in the way we think and process information.

How powerful is it? Think about this. As you are reading this blog post, you probably are not aware of the feeling of your feet on the floor. We have sensation coming from different parts of our body all the time but we remain unaware most of them. Why is that?

As it turns out, if we were to take note off all the sensations in our body, we will literally go mad and unable to function as a human being. Our mind can’t handle too many things at the same time. That’s where we get a little help from our Unconscious Mind.

In addition to managing all our bodily sensations, our Unconscious Mind also keeps our heart beating, the blood in our veins circulating, our digestive system working and our lymph system operating.

It even makes us blink our eyes without thinking about it. How many times did you blink when you are reading this post? Can’t remember? All these intricate processes are handled by our Unconscious Mind.

Imagine if we have the ability to control or even to influence the Unconscious Mind of another person. We can literally control his thought and his bodily functions. We can make him jump around or even piss in his pants…or maybe not. There are certain limitations.

The art of conversational hypnosis explores the science behind the Unconscious Mind. Successful people understand its power and use it to their advantage. Those that are ignorant are at their mercy.

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