Underground Hypnosis - Direct Suggestion and Indirect Suggestion


Yesterday, I reached the section where he explained how to use suggestion when trying to perform conversational hypnosis.

What is the suggestion?

In a nutshell, a suggestion is a statement given in trance that something will happen. Breaking it down, there is actually 2 forms of suggestion – Direct and Indirect Suggestion.

The Direct Suggestion

According to Starr, a direct suggestion is one that gives an explicit instruction to do something. It leaves no room for error in what was being said. For example, “Stop eating now” or “Stop smoking now”. This type of suggestion is straight to the point.

However, you can’t use direct suggestion every time as your conversational hypnosis technique. It can be used quite effectively on people who are used to talking orders such as waiter, cashier, sales clerk cab driver etc.

The Indirect Suggestion

The Underground Hypnosis program focuses more on the indirect or permissive suggestion technique. This approach allows the sub-subconscious mind to explore a variety of possibilities before coming up with a conclusion or response.

For example, a salesman can use the following line when talking to a buyer, “I wonder how soon it will be before you give me the sales order and start receiving our product that you know will help you to make more money?”

An indirect suggestion induces an expectation of action without explicitly stating it. It is more subtle and I prefer this approach when talking to people.

I don’t really prefer the direct suggestion method because I feel it is threatening and some people may not like it. Instead of building trust, it may degrade it instead.

Not to mention some people do not respond to authority very well. Using this hypnosis technique may actually backfire on me.

Personally, the indirect suggestion approach taught by Taylor Starr suits me best. It is more subtle and I believe that is the best way to foster trust and rapport with the person I am talking to.

That’s my thought anyway… For more information on the Underground Hypnosis program and how it can improve your communication skill, click on the link below.

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