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Underground Hypnosis PDF – Black Ops Techniques to Control the Mind of Your Target

Underground Hypnosis commonly known as Black Ops Hypnosis is a technique or method to easily hypnotise (control) someone’s mind almost instantly (like a triggering mechanism). Download this free PDF to learn this technique and to find out actual Underground science behind Hypnosis.

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Underground Hypnosis: The dark hypnosis techniques programmed to make a person or a group follow your command blindly

These techniques can be applied in form of a handshake or in form of conversation.

There are mainly two Classifications of Underground Hypnosis Techniques

  1. Social Proof Techniques
  2. Black Ops Techniques

Social Proof Techniques: Techniques to make you the king of a small or large group. These techniques mostly are played within a group enabling the activation by commands makes people follow blindly to your suggestions.

Social Proof Techniques are popularly known as conversational hypnosis.

Black Ops Hypnosis Techniques

Black Ops Techniques: One of the common examples of this Technique is a Black Ops handshake, a handshake which can trigger a subject's mind to follow a pre-suggested pattern embedded to subjects mind earlier while a trance state.

The best part of these dark Underground quickly Hypnosis methods is people can’t even know that they were hypnotised earlier.

These tricks can be played as many times as you want without even knowing them.

These techniques are very easy and can be taught to anyone who has an interest in learning Underground Hypnosis techniques.

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    Nice book for beginners thanks

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    A practical self explainable guide helpful for beginners for their start-ups.

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