What is Covert Hypnosis Used For?


Covert hypnosis is essentially a way to hypnotise people outside of their conscious awareness. It works by effecting a person’s subconscious mind as opposed to their conscious mind. By using a few skills, thoughts, suggestions, all of these tricks with hypnosis as the most covert ways can master people’s conscious in depth.

No matter where you are, no matter what you do, no matter when you are, it is extremely easy to use covert hypnosis to achieve your goal, come to your dream true, do anything you want.

Covert Hypnosis Can Be Used For

Here are a few possibilities as the follow:

  1. You can make your clients just be interested in your product in order to improve your sales easily.
  2. You can make anyone obey your words and knowledge because you are the only faith for them.
  3. You can make everyone do the thing you like.
  4. You can make your partner only love you forever.

Unfortunately, this form of hypnosis is banned by the law from being used by in business, advertising agencies and on most TV and radio stations. Only a few people can get the ways of covert hypnosis, but if too much people know this form of hypnosis, it will be familiar to everyone and widely spread all over the world. Can it still work with you?

If you wonder what is covert hypnosis exactly and how does it work, initially, you need to understand what is exactly hypnosis.

Some conceptions are necessary to know for us.

Theory Of Mind.

The mind can consist of two distinct parts. They are the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. In these two parts, the conscious mind can hold all of the people’s thoughts which people are aware of and what individuals determine to be the reality as well. Now you can realise you are scanning this article, this phenomenon is governed by the conscious mind.

Have you undergone a condition that you did not understand a word’s meaning? You have to associate certain emotions, objects and feelings to that word so that you can make sense of it. As time goes on, it is second nature to you because of the meaning of that word. The reason why your subconscious determines of the meaning of the word that is your conscious is opposed.

If a person repeats thought or a word in his or her mind often enough, either the thought or the word will finally become stored in person’s subconscious, and you don’t need any conscious thought so that you can determine its meaning.

The Critical Mind

In our subconscious, because the thoughts need to be stored, they must pass through our conscious firstly. Separating people’s conscious mind and subconscious mind is what is know as a critical mind.

The critical mind as an imaginary layer of people’s mind can be the best thought of that separates the conscious thoughts and entering into the subconscious.

Message Units


Our brain is used to handling a large number of message units at any given time. The brain will become confused if these message units exceed a certain threshold. This condition of confusion dips into temporarily what is known as a “trance”.

A trance is best thought of as an altered state of consciousness.

Brain Waves

Brain waves are our brain's way of communicating. Our brain basically needs to pass information, a certain frequency will through as the waves that it sends out. Actually, all of us know a wave can be altered by different frequencies and amplitude. It is the same to the brain waves.

What are associated states of consciousness with these differing wave frequencies? Several differing brain wave frequencies are explained below:

Gamma Waves

Gamma brain waves generally have a frequency of almost 40 Hz. What does it mean for this high level of frequency? It is exhibited when out brain is in an extraordinary high state of mental thinking and activities.

Beta Waves

Beta brain waves normally have a frequency between 13-30 Hz. Typically, it is associated with the intense concentration, it means you may be in the deep analytical thinking or problem-solving. This state is very common, maybe you are studying, learning something new or analysing a big problem.

Alpha Waves

Typically, alpha brain waves have a frequency between 8-13 Hz. This means someone might be in a calm but still alert state of his or her mind.

Theta Waves

Theta brain waves have a frequency between 4-7 Hz. This state means someone is being very relaxed, daydreaming or even unconscious. This state we often refer to as the trance state.

Delta Waves

Delta brain waves have a frequency somewhere between 0.5-4 Hz. When you are asleep or unconscious, you are in this state.

According to the knowledge as the above, we can know which wave is the best suitable and desirable state for a suggestion. Yes, it is theta waves.

Peak Of Suggestibility

Hypnosis is through filtering information this skill bypassing the critical mind, and up to the trance state. In this state, it is known as a peak of suggestibility, and plant the suggestibility in order to treat or master others or yourself.

How to learn this trick – Covert Hypnosis

If you are learning general hypnosis books alone, perhaps it is a long time and cannot get the key for you. Don’t forget an important point! You also need to spend time on learning NLP and Mentalism, it is possible to take you 5 years, 10 years or even much longer.

Learn from a professor? Maybe you need to prepare 10 thousand dollars at least. If there is a whole course, it contains all of the crucial information in order to save your time and money, as well as you can hold all of the skills and tricks about how to hypnosis, it sounds great?!

Here, I really want to tell a secret to you from my heart, in fact, there it is. This is Covert Hypnosis Exposed.