How to Use Self-Hypnosis to Reverse a Limiting Belief


Step 1: Discover the Limiting Belief (exact wording in your language)

Step 2: Write Your Suggestions

Brainstorm phrases to reverse the belief. So if the limiting belief is that you are not worthy. You would reverse it by saying I am worthy as well as all the supporting evidence that you are worthy. You can also put in your session to ask your subconscious show you all the reasons why you are _____ (or whatever your new belief is)

Tips for effective suggestions:

•Believable - Make sure you make your suggestions somewhat believable and attainable.

•Positive - Avoid Negative Words - Avoid using negative words like “not,” “won’t,” “no” or “don’t.” Your subconscious mind does not hear the negatives, only general ideas.

•Present Tense - Do not put “I will feel worthy now” because the word “will” suggests to your subconscious mind that the experience is coming in the future, not right now. The subconscious mind thinks only in the present tense so the idea of future never manifests. Do not mention the past.

•Simple - Avoid using big words as your inner mind has the mentality of a bright nine-year-old.

•Specific/Accurate – Use incremental steps if necessary and state your goals as accurate as possible.

•Realistic – Avoid using general terms like always, never,

•Use Action – State progression of steps to achieve the goal.

•Use Emotion – Use emotional words to excite the imagination of your subconscious.

•Repetition – Repeat some main ideas over at least three times each throughout the session.

Step 3: Enter into a trance (One suggestion in hypnosis has the power of 1,000 affirmations)! All you need to do is close your eyes and relax your mind and focus inward just a bit on experiencing hypnosis, it is really easy. Then repeat in your mind your suggestions or record them into a voice recorder and play them back to you with soft, relaxing music every day.

Step 4: Accept the New Belief

It takes 30-60 days to completely shift an idea in the subconscious so be patient.

If you are having trouble accepting the new belief, check to see if there is a conflict in your subconscious (a negative payoff you get from staying in the old pattern).