How to Use Covert Hypnosis in A Conversation


Back in the 1940s, the great hypnotist Dr Milton Erickson found out that the best way to help his sick patient was to use hypnosis on them. Unfortunately, this was a dangerous endeavour. Back then, performing unauthorised hypnosis will land you in jail. That’s right, trying to hypnotise someone will get you a permanent accommodation in the cellar. So how did Erickson overcome this challenge? He does it without his patients knowing it.

Erickson developed a technique where he can hypnotise people without them realising it. It is known as Conversational Hypnosis or Covert Hypnosis. Erickson can put a person under hypnosis just by talking to them.

For many years, people do not understand how Covert Hypnosis was done. It was a complete mystery. After years of studying under Dr Milton Erickson, many modern hypnotists have uncovered his secret technique.

When doing conversational hypnosis, a hypnotist will have a simple chit chat with the other person. While talking to them, he would observe him closely. Looking at his body language and paying close attention to both the verbal and non-verbal cues. By understanding Erickson’s technique, you can read a person like an open book just by having a casual conversation with him.

Can you influence a person by using Covert Conversational Hypnosis? Yes, you can! But just like in any skill, you would need practice and lots of it.

Just imagine how Dr Milton Erickson’s covert hypnosis technique can benefit you. If you are a sales professional, you will instantly know what your buyer wants and your pitch can be directed to focus on his “hot button”.

If you are dating a man or woman, you will know what he/she likes or dislike immediately. The results of covert hypnosis are pretty amazing. Luckily, when we use it today, we won’t risk ourselves ending up in the slammer.