Using Covert Hypnosis without Fear

using covert hypnosis without fear

One of the great things about the internet is the way it has provided people with nearly instant access to almost any information imaginable. I believe it is partly thanks to the internet that hypnosis and particularly covert hypnosis have become such hot topics for discussion. Around the world, millions of people are learning more about covert hypnosis every day. Despite this though there are still very few people who actually use covert hypnosis in their regular life.

Before I explain why people fear using covert hypnosis perhaps first I should clarify what it actually is. Covert hypnosis is a set of skills and techniques that allow an individual to become more persuasive, be seen as a leader and get what they want out of life. It’s easy to understand why so many people set about learning covert hypnosis, but what is it that holds them back from using it?

Well, it’s not just one thing. There are actually three reasons why a student of covert hypnosis may never once use the skills they have spent their time learning.


  1. The fear of being “caught”. This is a fear many covert hypnosis students have. They think they’ll start using covert hypnosis out in public and be caught immediately. There really is nothing to worry about, though. While many people may have a grasp of covert hypnosis the entire point of the skill is that it is subtle, so no-one will spot you and call you out. Even if they did realise you were using covert hypnosis, what are they going to do? They can’t admonish you as simply by stating you are using covert hypnosis shows that they have advance knowledge of the subject and use it also. Their cover is then blown. The worst thing that can possibly happen is you’ll have a little secret together.
  2. Perfectionism. This is closely linked in with the first point. People try and become perfect practitioners of covert hypnosis before trying it in the field. This will never work though because it is impossible to become “perfect” at anything. Also to become as close to perfect as you possibly can get at covert hypnosis you need real life experience. Things don’t always go smoothly in the real world and you need that sort of experience to learn how to think on your feet quickly.
  3. An inferiority complex. Some people simply don’t believe they are worthy of having a superior grasp over the minds’ of others. However, think about this from the other way around. Should you have to deal with people not really respecting you or listening to what you have to say? Of course not. By learning covert hypnosis you are showing the drive to make something of yourself, this alone shows that you are more than worthy of having people follow your words.

I hope that these simple points will help you to overcome any fears of using covert hypnosis that you may have. The only way you’ll ever get a return on the time (and money) you have spent learning covert hypnosis is to use it. Start simply with some of the more basic techniques such as embedded commands and work your way up. You will soon find your confidence and the words will flow comfortably from your mouth with little to no conscious effort.