Embedded Commands for Seduction - Best Seduction Techniques with Examples

using embedded commands for seduction

When you intend to seduce either a woman or man it pays to have a plan and one of the very best seduction techniques you could ever learn are embedded commands. The idea behind embedded commands came from Milton Erickson and was later fine-tuned by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, the co-founders of NLP. There are many uses for embedded commands but in this article, I will concentrate on how they can be used to seduce anyone you desire.

Embedded Commands Example

Embedded commands work by planting a thought or idea into the mind of the person you are trying to seduce. So, for example, if I was talking to an attractive woman that I had met via strange circumstances I might say to her “Isn’t it funny we should be together like this?”. It’s a perfectly natural piece of conversation but within the question, you will notice the command “we should be together”. This places the idea in the woman’s mind that it would be a good idea for us to get together.

At this juncture, I would like to mention the importance of the tone of your voice while delivering embedded commands. They are called commands for a reason, they should be spoken in the manner of a command. That doesn’t mean you need to seem stern and authorities, though (although it is a good idea to appear in control of the situation if you are a man looking to seduce a woman). Commands should be delivered with a downward inflexion. This is in contrast to questions which end with an upward inflexion. If you’re not sure what I mean by this say “go to the shop” out-loud to yourself and listen to the commanding tone of your voice.

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There are a couple of different formulas that have been designed to help with the creation of embedded commands but I find these to be restrictive and often too obvious or difficult to naturally slip into a conversation. I have come up with a number of embedded commands for the purposes of seduction and I invite you to borrow them as well as create your own.

“I could sense/feel the excitement…”

“It’s just like me to…”

“Sometimes you have to take a chance…”

“You can find the perfect man/woman (touch or stroke your chin) for you if you look hard enough.”

“Isn’t it great when you can feel a connection growing?”

“Did it feel good?”

“Could you imagine us in the future?” This one works great after a discussion about life goals.

The embedded commands above can be used on a man or woman.

Before you start trying to seduce people with embedded commands it is important to spend time practising so that your technique is flawless. If you go out and attempt to use embedded commands without practice your speech will sound awkward and disjointed and you will enjoy no success.

The best way to practice and master the use of embedded commands for seduction is first by creating a number of commands that flow well with your regular speech patterns. Commands don’t have to be complicated so this part should be easy. Once you have an arsenal of embedded commands, practice speaking them into a dictaphone (many cell phones now have this capability).

Keep practising and playing your recordings back to yourself until your embedded commands flow smoothly to the point where you believe no-one would ever suspect that you are using this powerful seduction technique.

When you are ready you can begin using these commands while talking to a potential partner. Pay close attention to how they react whilst you are speaking to them. Some commands will work better than others, try to gauge which ones have the desired effect and which ones don’t. This way you can edit your embedded commands for the future, keep the good ones and ditch bad ones.

If you stumble the first few times in a real social situation don’t worry. It is perfectly natural as you are now in a new and stimulating environment. You will soon find yourself settling into a rhythm where embedded commands become second nature to you.

Do not forget that the dance of seduction is a two-way conversation, not a monologue so make sure to listen just as much as you talk. Please be responsible with this technique.

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