The Benefits of Using Hypnosis in Sports


One of my favorite sport is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I have been practicing BJJ since 2007 and currently I am at the blue belt level.

When you play certain types of sport, you express yourself in a unique way. You combine the sheer joy of physical movement with the mental skills of strategy, planning and predicting you opponent’s move. Playing sport engages your emotions not only when you play, but also when you watch.

I like to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fights. I sometimes care passionately of a certain fighters. I identify them with “My” team and players. Sport programs on TV have large audiences. If you notice, the biggest city arenas are sport arenas.

Sport is different world from the world of work (although competition enters into both!), one in which you use different skills and can excel in a completely different way. There is probably only other human activity that gives more pleasure to more people than sport.

How can sportsmen use hypnosis to improve their game play? You are involved and interested in sport, or you would not be reading this blog post.

I assume you want to become more skillful and enjoy it more, whatever level you complete at.

You will remember with pleasure the times you played well. You get into a sort of “flow state” or “in the zone”.

Do you want to get into that state more often when you are playing your favorite sport?

Then I believe conversational hypnosis will be helpful.

Physical skill is important when you are involve in a competitive sport. But bodies do not compete, people compete. They compete with their body, mind and emotions.

When you use hypnosis, you are working on the mental aspect of the game. By using hypnosis, you will achieve:

  1. Ways of thinking that make your physical practice easier and more effective.
  2. Ways of thinking that put you in the “flow state”, that “zone” where everything goes right.
  3. Ways of thinking that stop you from being nervous and distracted.
  4. Ways of thinking that help you learn more quickly and enjoy your sport more fully.
These are only some of the benefit in utilizing hypnosis in sport.