Using Hypnosis to Stop Nail Biting


It’s been awhile since I last updated the blog but this is a new year and a chance to work myself back into a regular routine. During the last few months, I’ve been working on building some promotional relationships with other websites and blogs within the topic of self-improvement. NLP Hypnosis Secrets is now syndicated on Hypnosis Knowledge and you may have also noticed that we now have a tab at the top of the page which takes you to a forum where you can discuss NLP, hypnosis and other related topics. The forum is hosted by the good people at HypnoBusters.

Now onto the actual topic of discussion, nail biting and how you can cure your addiction using NLP.

Addiction may seem like a strong word for habitual nail biting but if you’ve every tried to stop it you will know how hard it can be. The reason for this is that nail biting is an obsessive-compulsive disorder so you can’t just make a conscious effort to stop and expect it to work. It’s like that itch that you need to scratch.

There are two kinds of nail biters. The first are those who bite their nails without the conscious thought to do so. They are usually focusing on another activity such as watching TV or working on the computer and bite their nails as if it’s a natural thing to do. The second kind specifically decides to bite on their nails and feel a strong desire to do so whenever they look at their nails.

The reason people bite their nails is that it satisfies a subconscious urge. This urge is often intensified by stress and anxiety. When they bite their nails they gain a certain feeling of relaxation and satisfaction.

That is why the first thing to do with a client with a nail biting habit is to help them to relax more, eliminating the (intensifying) need to bite their nails. This can be done with a simple hypnotic induction and deepener. Then you can use hypnotic suggestions that make the client realise nail biting is not good for them, making them associate nail biting with chipped teeth and gum infections. You could also teach them an anchoring technique to help them satisfy their urge to bite their nails. This could consist of anchoring the feeling of relaxation with touching their chin with their forefinger and thumb. This provides a similar action to nail biting without any of the potential damage or social uncouthness.