Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Addiction


There are individuals who are more prone to getting addicted to substances. Their personalities are easy to sway and easy to depend on outside forces to make them feel good. Cigarettes also contain nicotine which is a powerful mind altering drug that triggers the brain. Once a person has it, they feel an improved mood.

It makes you feel calm and more alert. People get addicted due to this heightened sense of feeling and perceiving. This results to dependency—a person needs the cigarette to feel relaxed and as more cigarettes are used the higher the need for more to complete the nicotine levels.

Why Smoking is Hard to Let Go for Some People

People who stop using cigarettes will normally have headaches, depression, anger, anxiety and insomnia and because of this, it gets harder to let go of the habit. It is a mind battle that has to be won by thinking deeper and having better perspectives. This is not easy to reach, which is why some people would need to resort to hypnosis smoking stop procedures in order to succeed.

Some smokers simply don’t have that willpower. They are too troubled, obsessive and have self-defeating thoughts and they believe that they can do nothing about their situation and because of that, they end up going back to their smoking habits.

How can hypnosis smoking stop help?

For people who have tried all they can to remove the habit and just end up going back hypnosis smoking stop methods are needed.

Hypnosis can help them face withdrawal symptoms. A person can feel happier and contented due to positive affirmations and imagery. When their mind is relaxed and it already has been trained to think that they do not need smoking, they have better chances of recovery. Hypnosis is effective for curing insomnia, depression, anxiety, removing anger and headaches by allowing the body to calm down and relax.

Positive Affirmations and Effects on a Person Through Hypnosis Smoking Stop

Hypnosis can speed up the recovery process. A person no longer needs to feel helpless and lost. They no longer need to believe that smoking is what brings them life. Hypnosis affirmations can help them think of better ways and hobbies that they can focus on in order to feel more energetic and alive.

Hypnosis provides imagery and lets a person go to a state of easy suggestibility. Instead of thinking that smoking is a source of comfort, the hypnotic trance can help them focus on self-improvement instead. It goes to the core of the problem and the need in order for the person to let it go.

The positive affirmations and hypnotherapy techniques, as well as hypnosis smoking stop suggestions, are powerful. By merely watching the CD or listening to the audio, a person can stop smoking. A sense of freedom, as well as accomplishment, will come to a person who has been able to let go of the habit. Due to this, the quality of their life would become better. Hypnosis smoking stop is the key towards a renewed sense of self without the need to smoke.