Using Persuasion To Attract Women


Getting womans and be liked by them is an issue that every man in life have to deal with, either he want a life partner or just to know more womans in his life. You would need to become attractive to them first.

It’s a well known fact, self-confidence it’s one of the most important traits to use persuasion skills, and probably to attract womans too.

When you have true self-confidence you communicate all the right things with your way of talking, walking and expresing yourself with the people around you, womens will naturally feel attracted to you and you will notice how they look for attention from you.

Using persuasion to attract womans it’s not about the talking persuasion, like trying to sell something. It’s the kind of skill that you can use to subtly persuade someone by the use of your body lenguage instead just words.

To increase your self-confidence with womens faster you can actually do some simple things that will make you be seeing like a confident man that get it.

Persuasion Dos and Don'ts

  •  Try to not look for approbation from womans, just think of having a good talk with them and make her laugh instead.
  •  Ask questions. If you want to approach a pretty woman ask her something like ¿what personality trait do you look most in a man? When you do this repeatedly with difirent womans will get you to loose the fear of approach.
  •  Don’t try to get to get numbers at first. First of it’s better to lose the fear of approaching any woman and feel comfortable in your own skin.
  •  Be funny. People with sense of humor are more persuasive, witty and confident in a natural way. The best start you can make to be more attractive to anybody it’s to develop this one skill.

If you do these kind of things with girls that you want to meet you’ll start to feel more confident as time pass. This is not the exact process to attract any woman into your life. This is just a way to develop your self-confidence around womans and get better result using persuasion skills.

The best way to become in a master using persuasion skills and learn to negotiate with anybody it’s to boost your self-confidence. You can increase your self-confidence by setting small objectives and accomplish them. When you get something accomplished you can move to greater and more difficult goals to achieve.

With womans it’s almost the same. At first, start with something like “Ok, today I’ll approach five girls and start talking with them to lose my fear of approaching them”. Then, when you lose this fear and realize that the fear it’s only in your head. You can set new more difficult goals like get her to laugh or get three phone numbers from womans tonight.

There are more things you can do to attract womans naturally and be desired by them. I will share with you these tips to become more attractive with womans in the near future.