Using Self Hypnosis and Visualization to Stop Smoking


Several different avenues are available for someone to stop smoking.

There is the patch, drugs, and good old self-determination. Some people have actually had positive results using these areas, most people have not. It is sometimes out of frustration that people have turned to self-hypnosis as a tool to quit smoking. Using self-hypnosis is one of the most successful and often used treatments to stopping smoking.

Self-hypnosis contains several main areas, a few involve relaxation, scripts and visualisation. Relaxation is critical to self-hypnosis. The first area taught in self-hypnosis is the proper way to relax and free your subliminal mind to advice.

You will be taught key by words or advice that are focused towards stopping smoking that you should say to yourself over and over again. Another area is visualisation that is intensely valuable in the steps of stopping smoking.

Advantages To Visualisation In Self-Hypnosis

There are many advantages to visualisation in self-hypnosis. My mentally imagining the process of a pursuit, the actual performance is easy. Dissociated visualisation is people seeing themselves as if on television during the first steps of self-hypnosis. This is important because you can see yourself leading a life without smoking. Once imagining your lifestyle that way, the actual result becomes certain.

The first action in visualisation in stopping smoking to making certain you are going to stop.

The determined result is that you will stop smoking. Use your natural artistic power to see yourself in ways that would implore and empower you to stop smoking. These appeals are pivotal to your favourable outcome because the more passionately involved a suggestion, the greater the positive response will be.

Use words that are passionate such as “alive”, “shinning”, “stimulating”, “extraordinary”, “effective”, “luminous”, “adore”, “giving”. The more powerful and moving the image is, the more productive it will be since visualisations are advice.

Number 1, imagine the cigarette smoke, what it looks like, smells like, tastes, all of the negative things you can think of. Use all of the items you can think of that are negative to associate with smoking, like rotten food, foot fungus, bad breath, whatever.

For quite a few people, using self-hypnosis and visualisation gained very positive results. They found that using the power of their mind, to see the healthy life change was simple, powerful and effective.

By seeing yourself at the end of the project, getting there is half the work having a smoke-free life.