Using Self-Hypnosis to Build Self Esteem


Using Self-Hypnosis to build self-esteem is a natural function of the hypnosis process. During self-hypnosis, a calm relaxed state is what you are in. You repeat to yourself positive statements to improve yourself. If you have low self esteem, then making positive statements is something that would build your esteem up.

Finding the right Script is vital to achieving your desired goal. Before you begin the self hypnosis process, let's define some of the topics we are talking about.

Self Esteem

Self Esteem – this is what we think about ourselves. If we are able to accomplish something or not, how we look, how we measure against something or someone else.

Why is self-esteem important? How we think about ourselves affects every aspect of our lives. If we have a positive view of ourselves, then we have a positive outlook towards life in general. If we have a negative outlook, then we have a negative outlook toward life.

We see tasks that need to be accomplished as either can or can’t, positive or negative. How we look at people, places, things, songs, whatever is directly correlated to how we look at ourselves. Good, bad, can, can’t, pretty, plain, uplifting, bothersome.

Some questions that you should ask yourself are: Do you often find yourself at fault for things that go wrong, even when it is not your fault.

Do you feel you can not do something when you actually can? Do you expect things to go wrong with no foundation for feeling that way? If you can relate to these questions or even said yes to them, then you have low self-esteem.

By using a script that focuses on positive outcomes, the good qualities we have, we will raise our self-esteem in abundant ways.

When you achieve a realistic self esteem you will be able to judge situations where you can tell if you are able to accomplish something or not, you can see what your strengths really are. You will be at peace when you think about yourself and the future.

You will expect things to be in good order, working in your direction.

Does Self Hypnosis really work in building Self Esteem?

A short answer is yes if used properly. Hypnosis allows you to talk with your sub-conscious. During this process, you repeat your script which allows you to make positive changes in your life. After you have researched and chosen the script that is right for you, then you can start a hypnosis session.

To start the hypnosis process, create an environment where you will not be disturbed for a long while. Turn off all appliances that can cause distractions (ie: cell phones, tv’s, laptops, other noise making devices). Make sure the room is comfortable (not too hot, not too cold), not drafty.

When everything is set in place, sit down and start to relax. Empty your mind of all thoughts, trying to reach a point where you can hear yourself breathe or even better try and listen for your heartbeat. When you reach a point where you can hear your breath or heartbeat, then you are at a point where you can start to repeat your script.

Continue to repeat your script for five to ten minutes. Then prepare yourself to “come out” of your hypnosis. Do this gradually, again listening to your heart beat, then paying attention to something outside of yourself, then becoming aware of your surroundings.

Then open your eyes. Do all of these steps slowly, allowing your body to become aware of the things that you were ignoring during the hypnosis process. Now you have completed the process. You are building your self-esteem to become more positive than it was before you started.